Edinburgh | Photo Diary Of A Winter Wonderland

Even though this trip happened at the beginning of the year I still wanted to add it to the blog. On a cold day in march I arrived in a winter wonderland in Edinburgh. The snow looked beautiful in combination with the dramatic architecture of this city, although it wasn't always very practical. Wearing sneakers I constantly slipped (and yes, I even fell down in the middle of the road, much to the amusement of a fellow traveler) and unfortunately I couldn't hike up Arthur's Seat in this weather but all the slips and wet shoes were completely worth it. Because this city is unbelievably beautiful.

Does this make you feel like taking a trip to Edinburgh yourself? I really recommend it and I actually really liked being there in the winter. It wasn’t crowded and the snow made it look like a fairytale. And really you can dress against the cold weather so that’s no excuse! I will post a list of recommendations of Edinburgh later in case you want some tips!