The Beautiful Paris Apartment of Jackie Kai Ellis

Jackie Kai Ellis is a creative director, writer ánd pastry chef. After selling her bakery in Vanouver she decided to move to Paris. She spotted this apartment which hadn’t been touched since the 1940s. It had small, dark rooms but underneath Jackie could see the original wooden floor, fireplace and plasterwork and she fell in love.

She decided to open the space up by removing some walls and create one big living/kitchen space with a beautiful fireplace as central point. She moved the bathroom to where the kitchen used to be so she would have enough space for a clwafoot tub (because when you live in Paris you definitely need a clawfoot tub).

A guest room is decorated in a lovely shade of pink and the master bedroom rocks another beautiful fireplace. This Paris apartment is pretty much perfect, it’s chic, it’s stylish and it has period charm.