A Light Colored Swedish Apartment

Sometimes, I crave light and serene interiors, and if you feel the same way, you should look at this light Swedish two-bedroom apartment. The 79 square meters apartment is located on the second floor of a Stockholm apartment building and features light rooms and a balcony overlooking the central courtyard.

The apartment has a beautiful flowing floor plan with a central hallway to access the kitchen, living room, and second bedroom. From the hallway, there is no door toward the living room, so the living room feels more spacious, and the hall really feels part of the home.

The entire apartment is decorated in a light color palette with light gray walls and a light wooden floor. This serene base is paired with light-colored furniture and natural materials for a calm and inviting atmosphere.

gallery wall hallway living room
living room gray walls gallery wall

The living room is a comfortable room with a seating area and a dining table. The living room opens up to the sunny balcony, a lovely extension to the living space in the warmer months.

scandi living room with light gray walls
living room with balcony
courtyard balcony

Protected by the facade and with a southern location means you can already sit here in the sun even when the weather is very warm.

living room with dining table and bookshelves

The inner wall is fitted with bookshelves that also reach the space above the doorframe.

bookshelves in living room
serene bedroom with light gray walls

The living room gives access to the master bedroom. In the corner that is not visible, there is a built-in closet.

bedroom with wicker headboard
bedroom detail
light modern kitchen

The kitchen is the first room you can enter via the hallway. The modern kitchen has cabinets that are painted in a light gray shade, which are paired with Carrara marble worktops and backsplash.

light modern kitchen with dining table
kitchen with dining table with checkered table cloth

In the extended space in front of the window, there is plenty of room for a dining table. The yellow checkerboard table cloth adds a warm tone to the gray room.

yellow checkered table cloth
kitchen with view to kids bedroom

The second bedroom is located next to the kitchen and it can be accessed via the hall and the kitchen.

children bedroom with earthy bedding
brown textiles kids bedroom

The room is now decorated as a children’s bedroom with light gray walls that are paired with warm brown and mustard yellow textiles.

earth colored bedding kids bedroom
kids bedroom detail
kids bedroom storage gray walls
hallway with minimalistic coat hanger and shoe storage

styling by Van Keppel and photography by Borgelin for Historiska Hem