A Small Midcentury Apartment in Stockholm

Midcentury apartments are usually pretty popular on The Nordroom and today I want to share a small midcentury apartment in Stockholm with you. The apartment that was built in 1942 and 1943 is only 41 square meter big but it has an efficient layout with a generous living room, the original kitchen, and a bedroom that is just big enough for a double bed.

With windows on two sides, the rooms are pretty light and the living room also has an adjacent balcony that offers views of the trees surrounding the apartment block. The smaller rooms are painted in light colors, but in the living room the owners opted for a darker shade. The gray walls are paired with ochre yellow details giving the room a warm vibe.

midcentury living room with gray walls and ochre yellow accents

Thanks to the large southfacing window in the living room, the walls in this room could be painted in a darker shade without making it feel too dark and gloomy. The gray green color on the walls look perfect in combination with the wooden midcentury furniture and the ochre yellow accessories.

gray walls living room with midcentury design
living room with gray walls and midcentury design
low white cabinets and gray walls
gray living room with round wooden dining table and shelves

In the corner stands a beautiful wooden table with String shelves attached to the wall. Due to the open layout with the bedroom, the room gets light from two directions.

white kitchen with wooden floor

The bright kitchen features the original wooden cabinets that make the most of the ceiling height by going up all the way to the ceiling.

ikea kitchen bench

An IKEA workbench provides extra workspace.

white midcentury kitchen
narrow bedroom with malm dressers

The narrow bedroom is a cozy space with light gray walls and the bed placed in front of the window so you leave enough space for a dresser and shelves.

white malm dressers with shelves
bed in front of the window
round mirror and blue hooks in bedroom

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hallway with shelves

styling by Lindholm and photography by Johanson for Historiska Hem