An Industrial English Loft with Yellow Color Pops

In a former Victorian icehouse on Hove’s Baltic Wharf sits an inspiring industrial loft apartment with yellow color accents. The three-story building was divided into four apartments, an office space, and creative studios in 2006, and this loft is the biggest apartment that was created with a floor size of 3,000 sq ft.

The loft apartment is designed around a flexible central core, and by using honest materials like plywood, stainless steel, and concrete, the home enhances the industrial vibe of the historic warehouse building.

The grand living room is divided into several zones by curtains suspended from tracks above. The curtains are made of two materials: a yellow voile and a heavy gray felt meaning you can create the atmosphere you long for at that moment.

yellow accents in industrial loft

The steel column in the center of the open-plan living space accentuates the ceiling height in the loft. Full-height French windows along its southern wall illuminate the light loft space and make the yellow color accents pop even more in the mainly gray and white space.

yellow curtains
dining table natural light
dining space in loft

On the floor lies a gray rubber flooring. a home office with shelves and drawers separates the sitting area and the dining area.

english loft
loft with sheer yellow curtains
london loft with yellow color accents
loft with wooden kitchen
plywood kitchen with bar and yellow cabinets

The kitchen is made of a plywood frame that houses stainless steel and bold yellow cabinets.

wooden kitchen with yellow cupboards
yellow upper cabinets
bedroom with wooden wall

The master bedroom also features a plywood peg board wall that serves as the headboard with a blue storage niche and hides the walk in closet.

wooden accent wall and blue niche bedroom

From the main bedroom you have access to a large roof terrace.

roof terrace
home office
bathroom with yellow shower wall

The bathroom is also designed in an industrial look with micro-cement walls, a stainless-steel vanity, and a sheer yellow strip curtain.

stainless steel bath
loft hallway An Industrial English Loft with Yellow Color Pops

This industrial loft apartment is for sale at The Modern House