Historic Details in a Breathtaking Montmartre Home

No too long ago I saw a Netflix series which transported me back to 19th-century Paris. Since then I’ve fallen a bit in love with France and I’ll confess I look at French hotels and destinations daily hoping I will make a trip south this year (any tips are welcome).

To satisfy my French cravings even more I came across this home in the popular Montmartre area. Montmartre is of course famous for its bohemian spirit, cobbled streets and picturesque views and this home is exactly what you hope for in a Paris dwelling.

The home has high ceilings, a living room with historic wall panels and breathtaking woodwork. And on top of all that if you look out the windows you see trees and vineyards (I’m not jealous AT ALL!). How can you not love this? Let yourself be transported to Paris and enjoy!