The Colorful Brisbane Home of Interior Designer Anna Spiro

It’s summertime which means that all blogs and other interior websites have slowed down a bit. But I didn’t want to not post anything so I went through my archive to see some homes I’d forgotten about but deserve a post on this blog. And in my archive I found this beautiful home of interior and textile designer Anna Spiro.

Her home, an 1880s era open-plan timber Queenslander, shows that colors, textiles and interior styles can all be mixed with a beautiful personal home as result.

In the living space the white walls are packed with colorful artwork and all sofa’s and chairs are in bright colors and multiple patterns.

Contrasting with the living space her bedroom is painted in a moody navy blue, but here also she combined that with colorful fabrics, artwork and flowers which bring the bedroom to live. I absolutely love the colorful mix & match vibe in this home, how about you?

photography by Jared Fowler