The Little Black Shack | A Cozy Eco Beachfront Cottage in Australia

Fancy a trip to Australia? Only a mile from the mainland lies this perfect secluded former fisherman’s cottage called The Little Black Shack that has been turned into an eco-friendly retreat that you can rent on airbnb.

On the island are no cars, shops or roads (you can only reach the cottage via the beach or the rocks at low tide). You are completely surrounded by beautiful nature, which to me sounds like the perfect place to unwind.

Inside the cottage is beautifully decorated with lots of natural materials, cozy sitting nooks and vintage decor. You can sit on in front of the window overlooking the ocean or have a cozy night in front of the fireplace.

There are 2 bedrooms with stunning ocean views and also outdoor there are plenty of beautiful places where you can relax if you don’t want to leave the cottage (which is totally understandable). I think I’m in love with this place!

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