A Blue Kitchen and Multifunctional Bedroom in a Scandi Apartment

You won’t believe that this apartment in Sweden is only 55sq. meter, it feels so much bigger! This lovely home is part of an early 20th-century apartment complex and it’s blessed with high ceilings and light rooms. The rooms in this apartment are small, but the way it’s designed makes it feel much larger.

The living and kitchen area is semi open-plan which still gives the impression of seperate rooms for sitting and cooking but it also adds the feeling of space in the otherwise narrow rooms. I love the color touch in the kitchen where dark & light blue cabinets have been combined to get a super stylish kitchen. A beautiful wooden floor laid in a herringbone pattern adds a lot of warmth to the spaces.

The small bedroom is a workspace, walk in closet ánd bedroom in one. A desk and single bed/couch are on the lower floor that also has a balcony and a loft area is created which is big enough for a double bed and which adds storage space underneath for a tiny walk-in-closet. They really made the most of the high ceiling in this bedroom. This tiny home has everything you need in an apartment and all of that on a small floorplan.

styling by Emma Fischer & photography by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem