Clever Design In A Small London Apartment

When I started this blog I was especially interested in small apartments & studio apartment. At that time I was living in a studio and I was really interested in how other people made the most of their small space. And even now, I still love to see homes where people have come up with smart design ideas to make the most of the space they have. That’s also the case in this small apartment in a former Victorian paper factory in London.

Inside you’ll find a wonderful blend of the old Victorian architecture and modern design. The apartment is designed by Farlam and Chandler and they have come up with smart design features to turn this space into a modern and interesting home. Plywood floorboards run across the apartment and the kitchen is made of birch-ply cabinets which can be closed off (handy if you don’t feel like doing the dishes). Next to the kitchen is the dining area with bespoke built-in benches that can also be used for storage.

In the master bedroom you’ll find bespoke birch-ply wardrobes and gorgeous factory windows. I love how the wall behind the bed is painted in two shades of green. The bathroom is small, but beautifully designed with semi-circular fluted-concrete sink and fluted-glass shower partition. I love the combination of old & new and of course the smart design features in this little home that’s now for sale at The Modern House (in case you want to buy it).

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