Elegant Simplicity in IKEA’s Winter & Spring Collection 2021

IKEA has released images from all the new products coming to the IKEA stores in february. February is a month that’s still chilly (in most parts of the world) but the first signs of spring are definitely there and these new products are a tribute to that season. the collection can be described as elegant simplicity with products in a light, fresh color palette, clean lines and uncomplicated forms.

As usual sustainability is an important factor in IKEA products so in these products you’ll also find many natural materials like bamboo, birch and rattan. Let’s take a look at these new items and start the new year with fresh, new and functional products.

LINNEBÄCK Easy chair
BJÖRKÅSEN Laptop stand

SINARP/HASSLARP Kitchen fronts

RUDSTA Glass-door cabinet
JÄSNING Proofing basket
ÄLVSTARR Lampshade
RÅDFRÅGA Decoration, set of 3
VÄGTÅG Quilt cover and 2 pillowcases
LEN/LENAST Baby’s bed linen
UNDVIKA Baby monitor
NEREBY Kitchen storage

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