A Bright and Cozy Attic Apartment in London

We’re staying in London after yersterday’s color-blocked home. While I love homes decorated with sleek Scandinavian design, I also adore more cluttered homes decorated in all kinds of styles.

This London home is one of those well-lived in and slightly cluttered homes that I really love. Because of the white base and the many windows the apartment is very light so it doesn’t feel cramped and overwhelming.

And I love the contrast with the bedroom in this home which is very serene and minimalistic. But it’s certainly a home that’s been loved by it’s (book loving) owner and I love how that personality shines through it’s decor.

photography by The Modern House

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  1. Stunning apartment and a fantastic well-chosen mix of styles. I do not find it cluttered at all. This owner knows how to balance out different styles to give it a very distinct look. Which part of London is this? Regards, Hanna

  2. Astrid, thanks for the link! If I only had the cash to buy it and didn’t live in Berlin 😉 But I used to live in London, actually quite close to Stoke Newington, and this is a dream of an apartment indeed. Thanks for this fantastic blog, by the way !

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