A Cozy Cabin With A Bedroom View Of The Surrounding Nature

Architect Alan Maskin of Olson Kundig Architects has renovated and extended a lovely cabin in Washington State. The cabin dates back to 1938 and Alan Maskin has extended this old rustic cabin with a new second floor that overlooks the Agate Passage in Washington State.

The original cabin is designed with Douglas fir planks while the new extension has a more modern look by using plywood. The ceiling between the living space and attic were removed to create a beautiful room with 5-meter high ceilings. Upstairs the new addition houses a bedroom with one wall made of glass to make the most of the gorgeous view over water and treetops.

While the old cozy rooms are my favourite part of the house, that bedroom and especially the bedroom view is certainly something special.

design by Olson Kundig & photography by Aaron Leitz

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