A Modern London Home with Plaster Walls

This 1960s townhouse in North London needed much care and attention when the owners bought it a couple of years ago. One of the owners is an architect, so you know that the renovation was done perfectly, turning this run-down house into a beautiful three-bedroom townhouse.

You instantly notice the clay plaster walls that have been added in every room of the house. The walls add a warm and unique touch to the house and form the perfect base for the modern interior design.

at the back of the house, connected to the living room with large sliding doors, is a biodiverse garden designed by Sarah Ferguson (no, not the Duchess of York) and in the summer months with the doors opened, it creates a beautiful indoor/outdoor living space.

living room with plaster walls wooden beams and blue rug
living room with clay plaster walls and white shelves

You walk into an open plan space from the front door with light coming from two directions. The space is clearly divided into a sitting, dining, and kitchen zone but without any obstructions, like big furniture pieces, that would block the natural light.

floating bookcases and plaster walls

a long white cabinet with shelving runs the entire living room.

glass coffee table
round wooden dining table
living room with round wooden table
open plan living room and kitchen

The owners wanted to keep everything to scale, so there is a practical and minimalistic white U-shaped kitchen with shelves above the workspace.

white painted ceiling beams
modern white kitchen with shelves
light modern white kitchen
bedroom with floating vanity table

An original open-tread staircase ascends to the upper floors where you can find three bedrooms and a bathroom.

bedroom with plaster walls and floor mirror

The master bedroom has a bespoke fitted king-size bed under the windows and built in wardrobes.

modern nightstand
deep blue powder room
bedroom with plaster walls and bookcases

Many rooms have custom-fitted furniture pieces to make it one with the structure of the house and maximize the storage space.

bedroom with vanity table and wardrobes
open and closed cabinets in bedroom
bedroom with oval mirror
attic bedroom with desk under windows
white bathroom 1 A Modern London Home with Plaster Walls
garden 1 A Modern London Home with Plaster Walls

The west-facing garden was designed by Sarah Ferguson at Wild Butterfly Gardening around a terrace laid with Ketley Brick Staffordshire blue pavers laid by Danscape Gardens.

city garden with dining table

This house in London is for sale at The Modern House