Bjarke Ingels Transformed A Ferryboat Into A Light and Creative Family Home

The newest project of Danish architect Bjarke Ingels was a personal one. He and his wife Rut Otera transformed a 126-foot-long decommissioned ferryboat into a bright, create and very stylish family home for them and their 2-year-old son Darwin. The ship had already been partly converted for living but that didn’t go further than a living quarter with a container on top for sleeping. Bjarke has done a complete renovation of the ship and from the inside it’s hard to believe that this used to ferry passengers.

The home is located in Copenhagen’s fast evolving former industrial site than is now a creative hub with many exciting new projects (the new Noma restaurant being one of them). Bjarke restored the symmetry of the boat, and at each end of the main deck they installed glass sliding doors making the living area a bright loft-like space. The spectacular KiBiSi sofa in the living room is designed by Bjarke.

Travel was a big source of inspiration for the design of the houseboat. The bathroom is Japanese-inspired and the playroom’s Technicolor beanbags and pillows are handwoven by South African artisans made out of t-shirt scraps. It’s not surprising of course that an architect like Bjarke has created such a unique and creative home and I absolutely love it!