Casa Hannah | An Architectural Indoor/Outdoor Villa in Mexico

The great thing about a lot of Mexican homes I see online is the perfect combination of indoor/outdoor living. In Casa Hannah, designed by Workshop Design + Construction, you see this indoor/outdoor living as well.

The villa is located in Mérida, the capital city in the state Yucatan and like many new built villa’s in Mexico is designed with clean lines, large glass walls and as I said a natural flow between the indoors and the outdoors. The walled garden is only small but it does have a swimming pool, a cozy lounge spot and it has a lot of greenery.

The design indoors is loft-like with a double height sitting area and behind a kitchen with peach-colored fridge. The tiled staircase leads to the tiled bedroom and bathroom. The indoors is not particularly large but the loft-like design make it feel spacious and when the glass doors are openen up completely your sitting area becomes twice the size. It must be wonderful to live someplace where you can live outdoors so often, I’m a bit jealous.