IKEA Catalog 2020: Get Ready For A Fresh Start

It’s here! The moment many design lovers have been waiting for this summer. The IKEA Catalog 2020 has been released and as always it’s packed with smart and stylish design ideas. The name of the 2020 catalog is ‘Get Ready For A Fresh Start’ because you don’t have to wait for New Years Eve to make a new beginning.

The IKEA 2020 Catalog is dedicated to saving our sleep, featuring a range of new products and design solutions from blackout blinds to ergonomic pillows to help consumers achieve the perfect work/life/sleep balance.

Apart from the focus on sleep IKEA has also looked at what makes people feel at home. IKEA has concluded there are 5 emotional needs of a home:

Belonging is about feeling part of a group of people who accept you for who you really are and places that reflect you.

Ownership isn’t just about deeds and mortgages, it’s about having a sense of control over the space and place you live in.

Security is about feeling safe and grounded not about the locks on the door.

Comfort is about feeling content and at ease in your surroundings.

Privacy is about having control over where and how you can disconnect and reflect.

For the 2020 catalog, IKEA was inspired to create homes that show situations and design solutions that help illustrate these five emotional needs.

Take a look at the IKEA Catalog 2020 and get inspired to make a fresh start in your own home!



60% of the more than 20,000 people IKEA interviewed told them they do one simple thing when they want their home to feel more like home, no matter what. They play music. So, IKEA decided to make products that allow people to integrate music into their home, beautifully. IKEA teamed up with Sonos to create speakers that have great sound, look stylish ánd can be incorporated into your home in several ways.

How do you feel about the new IKEA Catalog? I always find it slight overwhelming because you get so many design idea all at once, but I look forward to slowly browse through the catalog and get inspired! Ps: if you want to see the entire (American) catalog, just click here

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