IKEA HÖSTAGILLE: A Fall Collection with Halloween Decorations 2024

We’re in the midst of summer, but IKEA has announced a new fall collection for 2024 with Halloween decorations. The IKEA HÖSTAGILLE collection is for people who want to set a table for fall gatherings, create a cozy atmosphere for fall evenings, or have a Halloween party.

The HÖSTAGILLE collection offers colorful, feel-good, and easy-to-add items for decorating your home for the cozy season. The 37 products in the collection range from a plaid in fall colors, serving dishes, glasses, wreaths, and Halloween decorations.

IKEA_HOSTAGILLE_tablecloth nordroom fall collection

Colors to Celebrate Fall

Set a striking table for gatherings with unexpected color combinations: pastels mixed with a rich, bold floral pattern. This tablecloth’s vibrant rosehip pattern makes your table feel extra inviting.

IKEA_HOSTAGILLE_serving platter
IKEA HOSTAGILLE table cloth IKEA HÖSTAGILLE: A Fall Collection with Halloween Decorations 2024

‘I chose to paint the rosehip pattern for HÖSTAGILLE by hand in an autumnal palette with some contrasting colors to add more vibrancy. I hope it will spread a warm and cozy feeling in your home, year after year’. Says designer Emma Prowse

IKEA_HOSTAGILLE_scented candle

Set an autumn table that delights the senses with eye-catching pastel-toned tableware and candles with the scent of sandalwood, patchouli, and fir.


‘Beautiful glasses enhance a table setting for everyday meals and parties. The HÖSTAGILLE wine glass has a classic elegance with grooves that interplay with light and reinforce the elegant shape.’ Says designer Lisa Halland

IKEA_HOSTAGILLE_fall collection nordroom

Beauty is in the Pie of the Beholder

Chilly fall days are perfect for baking. Get in the mood with matching tea towels and pot holders with a rosehip pattern – and a rustic oven dish that makes your pie even more delicious.

IKEA_HOSTAGILLE_cushion cover fall collectio nordroom

Your ‘I’m Never Getting Up’ Spot

It’s the season for snuggling in and cozying up! Sink into your own little corner with cushions and throws in warm, vivid colors. Get lost in your favorite activity, and feel free not to move until dinnertime.

IKEA_HOSTAGILLE_throw detail
IKEA_HOSTAGILLE_cushion cover detail

Designer Emma Prowse painted this pattern by hand and used contrasting colors to add vibrancy. The colorful rosehips, buds, and blooming roses add a warm and cozy fall feeling to your home.


Welcome autumn with a rustic-style entryway simple by adding a wreath. The natural-colored wreath makes a cozy and inviting first impression.


Welcome to the Cozy Season

Surround yourself with the soft glow of candles and see how the mood instantly changes. You can create a dynamic fall display with candle holders that hold candles at different heights – a candelabra and a tealight holder, for example – alongside a rustic, leafy garland centerpiece.


Add candles (or an LED light chain) and let their light bring a warm and cozy atmosphere to any room. The HÖSTAGILLE scented candle in a metal tin has a comforting scent of sandalwood, patchouli, and fir.


A Cozy Fall Aesthetic

Store your throws and cushions in this decorative basket and make them part of your autumn décor. It’s also great for storing your favorite magazines or extra cushions.

IKEA_HOSTAGILLE_storage boxes

These colorful storage boxes with a decorative rosehip pattern inspired by nature’s vibrant autumn colors are perfect for storing bits and bobs, knitting, or a secret stash of candy.

IKEA_HOSTAGILLE_glass storage box with lid

Autumn = Pumpkin Season

Create a warm and snug atmosphere by decorating with lights and scents with these pumpkin motifs. You can put light chains in the pumpkin bowl with a lid and add even more to the pumpkin theme with a scented candle with warm and spicy notes of pumpkin and pies.

IKEA_HOSTAGILLE_fall collection

Give your go-to recipe for get-togethers a generous upgrade with this stoneware that’s easy to match with other dinnerware. The rustic, traditional style of the gravy boat and oven dish adds to the cozy, fall look.


These elegant gray bowls with a monotone look are great for Halloween parties and autumn feasts.

IKEA_HOSTAGILLE_halloween decorations

Have a Spooky Scandi Halloween

It’s the sweetest, spookiest time of the year! Celebrate Halloween with these fun decorations with a graphic twist and a touch of modern Scandi style.


From bat decorations and scented candles to a trick-or-treat bag and cuddly cushion covers, Ikea has everything you need for a cozy and fun Halloween night.

IKEA_HOSTAGILLE_bat paper napkins

Set the scene for an evening of fun activities and candy munching. Decorate with these paper napkins with a fun bat pattern and scented candles with a sweet scent of vanilla and warm milk.

IKEA_HOSTAGILLE_cushion halloween decor

This bat-shaped cushion cover loves hugs. It may look a little spooky but it’s soft and cuddly.  


Create a minimalist, Scandi-style atmosphere for Halloween with a black-and-white theme. With plenty of bats.


‘Inspired by animal animations I loved as a child, I created the HÖSTAGILLE tealight holder with a fun scene of animals and forest where the light of the glowing flame makes them dance on the wall,’ says designer James Dart


The IKEA HÖSTAGILLE Fall and Halloween collection will be available in stores and online on August 30th, 2024. This article will keep you up to date with the latest IKEA collections.

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