IKEA Catalog 2024 + New IKEA Collections

For 70 years, the IKEA catalog has been a highlight for the design community. The home décor and furniture catalog is packed with stylish, affordable, and trendy home accessories and furniture pieces.

Everyone has at least one IKEA product in their home. The IKEA designs are timeless and can be used in any interior. The IKEA Catalogue showcases the old classics and the new Ikea products that will be future classics.

The IKEA catalog is great for finding great affordable home items. The best thing about the IKEA Catalog is that these furniture pieces and accessories are showcased in inspiring rooms, from the bedroom to the kitchen.


In modern times, they also offered a digital IKEA catalog with 300 pages of inspirational rooms to inspire the décor of your home.

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Does IKEA have catalogs anymore?

Sadly, the IKEA Catalogue as we knew it no longer exists. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find affordable and stylish interior inspiration from our favorite Swedish furniture company.


Online brochures have replaced the IKEA Catalog. There are separate IKEA brochures for specific rooms but also brochures for specific IKEA series. Whether you seek inspiration for the bathroom, the kitchen, or wardrobe solutions, you can find an IKEA catalog filled with inspiration and prices of their products.


The IKEA brochures can be viewed on your computer, tablet, or mobile. You also have the option to download the brochure as a PDF file and share the brochure with your friends or family.

There are several advantages to these digital IKEA brochures. The digital catalogs have a search function, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. But you can also shop the products directly from the brochure. You can hover over the item, read the description, see the price, and add it to your shopping cart.   


When Was the Last IKEA Catalog?

The last IKEA Catalog was printed on paper in 2021. If you don’t have a physical copy, you can find inspirational images from this IKEA catalog here on The Nordroom.  


How Can I Get an IKEA Catalogue for 2024?

The IKEA Catalogue 2024 will be available as digital brochures on the IKEA website. Besides these brochures, IKEA will also release several new collections with new IKEA products and inspiring IKEA rooms.


If you don’t want to search and read several IKEA brochures, The Nordroom has you covered. We love IKEA and on The Nordroom we will always share the latest IKEA news and rooms, so for IKEA inspiration, you are on the right website.


IKEA New Collections in 2024

Throughout the year, IKEA will release several new collections. The Nordroom wants to keep you updated with the latest new products from IKEA in 2024. From the IKEA Christmas Collection to the IKEA Spring Collection. Here, you will find a list of every new IKEA collection in 2024.


Most IKEA collection will also get their own article on The Nordroom. You can see the full collection via a link on this page.

This article will be updated every time a new IKEA collection is released. Bookmark this page or subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date. If you’re looking for previous new collections, you can take a look at this IKEA article.

IKEA Tyg Fabric Collection

The new IKEA Tyg Collection is a collection of twenty three-meter-long, precut fabrics designed to awaken the imagination and creativity using the power of textiles. The cheerful graphic patterns, created by thirteen designers, reflect modern Scandinavian design and offer endless creative possibilities.

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IKEA_TYG_collection nordroom

New IKEA Collection July 2024: Colorful and Bold

The new IKEA collection launched in July 2024 features new ánd old products in bold colors. The new collection looks like a fashion show, showcasing products that will help you update your home with a fresh look this summer.

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ikea new collection july 2024 nordroom IKEA Catalog 2024 + New IKEA Collections
IKEA_FRYKSAS living room


BRÄNNBOLL is a new gaming collection with twenty versatile products that help gamers create a comfortable and engaging environment when the game is on – and blend into the home when the game is off.

The collection explores innovative solutions for gamers who value style and functionality, who want to play together, and who want to move smoothly between different platforms and positions.

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Nytillverkad Part Four

The fourth launch of the Nytillverkad collection features furniture and home accessories inspired by designs from the 60s and 70s. The collection features hip floral patterns and chic design pieces from the 60s and 70s that are redesigned to make them ready for future generations.

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IKEA_Nytillverkad collektion_nordroom
IKEA_KRANSMALVA duvet cover nordroom
IKEA_GARNANAS_green coffe table

IKEA Spring Collection 2024

The new spring collection from IKEA invites you to embrace curiosity and sprinkle bright ideas into your living space with a palette of possibilities. Divided over four palettes, the new collection features new furniture, textiles, and home accessories in bright colors and bold patterns.


IKEA & Raw Color TESAMMANS Collection

IKEA has teamed up with the Dutch design duo Raw Colors to create a new, colorful limited collection called TESAMMANS. The new IKEA collection of furniture, textiles, and home decoration is filled with surprising color combinations to brighten up your space.


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The BRÖGGAN collection is a new retro-inspired and playful collection with products created for indoors, outdoors, at home, or away. The new collection features sunny colors and vibrant patterns that bring energy and joy.


And the best part is that the products of the IKEA BRÖGGAN collection blend seamlessly, and they are practical and easy to care for.

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IKEA Style and Trends Guide 2024

For the first time, IKEA has released a trends guide for 2024. The Style and Trends Guide is created to help you design beautiful and comfortable homes rooted in real-life experiences.

The guide showcases four interior movements: Warm Minimalism, Swedish Roots, Modern Playfulness, and Scandinavian Folklore. And the guide helps you to incorporate one of these styles in your home ánd encourages you to mix and match.

romantic ikea living room pink walls blue sofa dark wood nordroom

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Nytillverkad Part Three

The third part of the Nytillverkad collection brings back relaxed and playful designs from the 60s and early 70s, reworked to suit the needs of today’s home.

The January launch of the Nytillverkad collection showcases iconic items by influential IKEA designers Karin Mobring and Gillis Lundgren. Iconic furniture is reintroduced in new colors and materials to suit today’s needs and dreams.


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IKEA wants to make it easy to exercise at home with the new limited edition collection DAJLIEN. The IKEA DAJLIEN collection consists of 19 different products that support movement in everyday life and enable people to create healthy habits at home.

The starting point for the new DAJLIEN collection was the challenges and frustrations with working out at home. IKEA wanted to explore how it is possible to enable better and more accessible training sessions in the comfort of your own house.


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New Products January

IKEA has presented the new products that will be available in January to help you with low-key makeovers in your home. Sort out your shelves, swap a few cushions, or roll out a rug. This is all about easy style tweaks that you can make and love today.

new IKEA products january (1)

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In February 2024, IKEA will release the DAKSJUS collection. This new limited collection is for plant lovers with or without green fingers. The collection consists of well-designed plant stands, pots, and accessories. with these new IKEA products, you have everything you need for mess-free planting, easy maintenance of your green friends, and a beautiful display.

ikea-daksjus-new-collection-green garden

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New Products October

The October product launch from IKEA focuses on social gatherings. The collection is divided into two style expressions: “Rustic with a Twist” and “Turn Up the Tempo”.

Whether you like bold colors or a calmer style, the new IKEA collection has smart storage, textiles, and furniture that will transform your home and give it new energy.


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IKEA Aftonsparv is a new children’s collection about space. A children’s panel with kids aged 3-7 years were asked what outer space meant to them. They were curious to find out what they thought lived in space, what things in space looked like, and what kind of transport they imagined in space.


The result is a fun and spacey children’s collection with space-themed toys, including soft-toy astronauts and aliens, a cardboard rocket play tent, a spaceship, finger puppets, space-age lamps, galaxy-inspired bed textiles, and a glow-in-the-dark curtain.

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IKEA Chrismas 2023

While technically, the Christmas Collection is part of the previous year, it feels like a new beginning. The IKEA Christmas Collection 2023 is inspired by Scandinavian folklore and handicrafts.


The mainly red and green accessories and ornaments help you create a festive and welcoming holiday home.

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IKEA Nytillverkad Collection

In 2023, IKEA announced the Nytillverkad collection. Nytillvekad is a new collection that celebrates eighty years of iconic IKEA designs. The new collection features furniture, home accessories, and lighting that are a fresh, bold, and joyous take on classic design pieces.


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