IKEA Nytillverkad Part 4: 60s and 70s Flower Power Designs

This year, IKEA is looking back at iconic designs from their 80-year collection and improving them for today’s and tomorrow’s needs in the Nytillverkad collection. Today, they have released Nytillverkad Part 4 with furniture and home accessories inspired by designs from the 60s and 70s.

Inspired by the timeless beauty of floral motifs and a spirit of optimism, the fourth launch of Nytillverkad features new versions of iconic products developed by influential designers such as Gillis Lundgren, Charlotte Rude, Hjördis Olsson-Une and Göta Trägårdh.

IKEA_Nytillverkad collektion_nordroom

IKEA is celebrating this launch of the limited anniversary collection with hip floral patterns and chic design pieces from the 60s and 70s. The unfaded classics make the new generation shine – with lots of positive energy, creativity, and the courage to use color.

IKEA_Nytillverkad collektion_No4_nordroom

An Updated Version of the Iconic GOGO

The GOGO steel armchair first appeared in the IKEA catalog in 1972 and remained in the collection for over ten years. Today, the classic chair returns as ÖNNESTAD in green and red – with large, soft cushions, and a pleasantly springy seat.

IKEA_ONNESTAD_striped chair
IKEA_ONNESTAD_sriped chair

But one crucial detail has changed: ÖNNESTAD’s steel frame is much lighter than its predecessor. The chair frame has been optimized so that ÖNNESTAD now only uses half the amount of steel and is therefore significantly more sustainable – without compromising on quality, safety, and comfort.

IKEA_ONNESTAD_green striped chair

Get Into the Rhythm

In the early 1970s, IKEA was looking for a unique new textile design. For this purpose, Inger Nilsson, textile manager at IKEA, brought the well-known textile designer Göta Trägårdh out of retirement.

IKEA_KRANSMALVA duvet cover nytillverkad collection nordroom

And she delivered something great: a pattern of oversized sunflowers that appeared in the IKEA catalog in 1971 under the name MAJSOL. While it adorned bedspreads and blinds back then, today the pattern blooms on the KRANSMALVA bed linen sets in cheerful yellow and orange.

IKEA_KRANSMALVA duvet cover nordroom

Cuddling in the Flower Meadow

No matter what the weather is like outside – the SANDETERNELL floral cushion covers bring a good mood into every home. The warm yellow and orange tones fill the room with anticipation of sunny days and smile at us from sofas, armchairs, or beds. And the best news is: SANDETERNELL textiles are made from 100 percent recycled materials.


A Piece of Sunshine

The cheerfully patterned SANDETERNELL fabric panel makes it easy to implement unusual sewing projects. The combination of real blue jeans from the 1970s and the bright SANDETERNELL splashes of color is particularly attractive.

IKEA_SANDETERNELL_yellow floral fabric
IKEA_SANDETERNELL_fabric turned into hat

The SKOGSTUNDRA vases float like little clouds in white and sky blue. The 15 and 27-centimeter high vases, made of glazed stoneware, are particularly robust.

IKEA_SKOGSTUNDRA_vases nytillverkad number 4 collection nordroom
IKEA_SKOGSTUNDRA_vase nytillverkad

Hang Out in Style

The DYKARKLOCKA hanging lamp shade is inspired by the timeless design of its predecessor TIVOLI from 1964 and provides pleasantly soft light. It is only half as heavy as it was sixty years ago because it now consists of seven instead of nine veneer rings.

IKEA_DYKARKLOCKA_ceiling lamp nordroom

The natural wooden elements made of lacquered oak are combined with birch and beech and effectively shield the light. The sculpture-like lamp is perfectly complemented by the lightweight ORRESLÄTT armchair made of natural rattan and black steel. The classic, known as BUSTER in 1959, invites you to sit back and relax with its simple elegance.


Mirror Mirror …

The square mirror TURBOKASTANJ is a statement piece today as it was in 1978. At that time it was still available under the name JARL and was slightly larger, but the classic design also fits into our modern times.

TURBOKASTANJ mirror IKEA Nytillverkad Part 4: 60s and 70s Flower Power Designs

There is space for decoration, jewelry, and other small items in the wide frame made of natural pine wood. The red finish of the frame gives the timeless mirror a lively touch.

Pop Culture

As part of the modular POP68 collection, the POP coffee table was added to the IKEA collection in 1968. Danish designer Erik Wørts designed the collection from painted chipboard. Now called GARNANÄS, it rolls out today in neutral white and fresh green.

IKEA_GARNANAS_sofa table nordroom
IKEA_GARNANAS_green coffe table

For the new edition, the table was adapted to modern safety standards with an additional supporting wall between the shelf and the tabletop. The practical shelf offers space for books while the easy-to-clean surface is suitable for drinks and snacks.

IKEA_GARNANAS_coffee table

Short Break from Everyday Life

The SJÄLSÖ armchair is inspired by the RYD armchair from 1990. Like its predecessor, the reissued piece is made of solid pine wood. It impresses with its simple but ingenious shape, which is reminiscent of foldable beach loungers.

IKEA_Nytillverkad kollektion_No4

The PRIMÄRSKOG plant stand is a new version of the STREGA plant stand, first introduced in 1962.

IKEA_Nytillverkad kollektion_number 4 nordroom

The fourth launch of the Nytillverkad collection will be available online and in stores from March 29. see also Nytillverkad Part One, Part Two, and Part Three. The latest news from Ikea can be found in this article.

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