IKEA Nytillverkad Collection Part 3: Playful Designs from the 60s and 70s

IKEA has announced part three of the iconic Nytillverkad collection. Available in stores from January 2024, the latest edition of the collection brings back relaxed and playful designs from the 60s and early 70s, reworked to suit the needs of today’s home.

The January launch of the Nytillverkad collection showcases iconic items by influential IKEA designers Karin Mobring and Gillis Lundgren. With the collection, IKEA reintroduces iconic furniture in new colors and materials to suit today’s needs and dreams. The third edition of Nytillverkad draws inspiration from a time when youth culture, pop music, and political protests shaped the world.


In the late 60s and early 70s, IKEA introduced new materials such as painted chipboard and plastic to create furniture with a youthful expression. Bold shapes, optimistic colors, comfortable seating, and soft, long-pile rugs characterized the interior design style of that time, which can now be relived through this new edition of Nytillverkad.


Trend-Setting Designers

Karin Mobring was the first female designer to have a significant influence at IKEA. In 1964, after Ingvar Kamprad saw a wooden armchair designed by Karin at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, she was hired to be part of the design team at IKEA.

IKEA_Nytillverkad No3_collection-nordroom

In the 1970s, Karin was regarded as one of the most productive and trend-setting designers at IKEA. With roots in the classic, rural Scandinavian style, Karin was also a very versatile designer, developing around a hundred products for IKEA. CROMI side table, one of her iconic products, is relaunched in the Newly manufactured collection as BAGGBODA side table with a white or light yellow tabletop and a chrome-plated frame.

BAGGBODA sidetable

Gillis Lundgren, who started at IKEA in 1954, was a visionary designer bursting with ideas and enthusiasm. He worked closely with Ingvar Kamprad and helped develop IKEA, illustrated catalog covers, photographed products, and worked as a furniture designer. One of his iconic pieces of furniture was the MILA armchair, now in a new vintage as the DYVLINGE swivel armchair. The spacious PUCK armchair from 1969 is also coming back under the name SOTENÄS. 


MILA – A Huge Success in 1967

The low, soft swivel armchair was nicknamed the anti-stress armchair. Now, it has been reinforced with an extra leg for increased stability, and the MILA chair is now presented as the DYVLINGE chair.  


1969 – A Year That Went Down in History

It was the first time someone set foot on the moon, and it was the first time the PUCK armchair, designed by Gillis Lundgren, was in the IKEA catalog. Perhaps 2024 will also be a year to remember—the year when PUCK became SOTENÄS.   


Comeback of Vintage Furniture

The contemporary Swedish designers Sven Fristedt and Ehlén Johansson also played an important role in the design of the collection. Some of the eye-catching patterns that Sven Fristedt designed in the 60s and 70s make a comeback on STRECKFLY cushion covers and ÄNGFIBBLA pre-cut fabric.


Ehlén Johansson, one of Sweden’s most prominent designers and winner of the Red Dot Design Award, has designed the SKOGSTUNDRA vase, an elegant and subtle product with a high neck to support cut flowers. 


“If I had been asked to design a new vase, I would have started from scratch. With SKOGSTUNDRA I could start where my old design left off and improve it.” Says Ehlén Johansson


Old Treats in a New Vintage

In the late 1960s, life at home would be relaxed and cozy, with soft, furry carpets, comfortable sofas, couches and armchairs, and coffee tables with plenty of space for snacks. Now you can decorate your home as groovy as back then.  

BAGGBODA side table

“Vintage furniture has made a big comeback recently, and there is a growing demand for certain IKEA products that have become real collectors’ favorites. That’s why we’ve decided to bring back a selection of our design icons, and we’re excited to see the interest from customers of all ages, especially young people who are discovering our design heritage and using these vibrant solutions to express themselves in the home. 


For us, these products are the essence of democratic design; they are timeless because they combine a beautiful form, a good function, durability, an affordable price, and long-lasting quality,” says Johan Ejdemo, Global Design Manager, IKEA of Sweden.


Patterns, Patterns, and Even More Patterns

The pattern, designed by Sven Fristedt, was first introduced as the MYRTEN in 1968. This year, IKEA presents STRECKFLY – spruce up your sofa with new cushion covers or let creativity flow with the three-meter-long pre-cut fabric.


When Will the IKEA Nytillverkad Collection be Released?

Part three of the IKEA Nytillverkad Collection will be available on ikea.com and in stores in January 2024. Part One and Part Two of the Nytillverkad Collection are now available at IKEA.

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