IKEA & Raw Color TESAMMANS Collection: Color the Everyday

IKEA and the Dutch design duo Raw Color have joined forces to create a new limited collection called TESAMMANS. The new IKEA collection of furniture, textiles, and home decoration is filled with surprising color combinations to brighten up your space.

The TESAMMANS collection combines the home furnishings knowledge of IKEA with the unique design language of minimal shapes and graphic lines and the power of color that is characteristic of Raw Color’s designs.

The IKEA x Raw Color TESAMMANS collection will be presented during Paris Fashion Week from February 29 to March 3. But lucky for you, there is no need to go to Paris as you can see the full collection here on The Nordroom.


IKEA is known for its colorful and bold designs, so a partnership with Raw Color is a good step. Color is transformative: it can offer a fresh look, a new style – as well as joy. For this limited edition IKEA collection, Raw Color has put the spotlight on how different shades interact with each other and with other objects.


Surprising Color Combinations

With the TESAMMANS collection, Raw Color played a lot with the ability of colors to transform everyday objects, mixing bright, saturated shades with more muted tones—the result: an unexpected yet harmonious palette that brightens up the home.

These cushion covers, the throw, and the rug make it easy to get an impactful and coordinated look with tones and patterns that already go perfectly together.


This cozy throw has more colors than you think. ‘The throw plays with visual perception with graphic lines and solid colors. Thin lines of two tones seem to blend into one hue. When you come closer, you can distinguish the separate colors.’ – Raw Color  


The design duo has the vision that a single color lacks strength and needs other colors to achieve its full potential. For example, interaction is created by combining a striking cobalt blue with a soft yellow shade, and the colors reinforce each other. Despite the many colors, the decorative cushions have contrasting block and stripe patterns with a coordinated look.


This side table, made of corrugated steel sheet, is not just a piece of eye candy. It’s a table and storage unit in one – with plenty of space to store things under the lid.

IKEA TESAMMANS rug 1 IKEA & Raw Color TESAMMANS Collection: Color the Everyday

The TESAMMANS rug invites you to come closer with its striking stripes and bold colors. Handmade with 100% wool, it has the same pattern on both sides, so you can turn it over for longer use.


This table lamp is a design piece on its own and an easy way to add character and personality to any space. With its stacked design, the colors transition from dark tones to lighter ones, resulting in different light reflections.  


Like your own piece of sculptural art, the hanging decoration invites you to pause, gaze, and daydream for a bit. Watch as the shapes catch the light, and the colors subtly change as they move. Its sophisticated yet playful design adds calm, color, and charm to your everyday.


This practical storage unit adds color and lift to any space with its unique design and can be easily moved to where you need it. ‘The storage unit is very functional as you can access it from different sides. When you walk around it, the grids create a moiré effect. The bold colors that we used give the object a strong character’. – Raw Color


The hallway is the calling card of your home, where first impressions count. These colorful and coordinated tealight holders and trays say you’re warm and welcoming, love good design, and never lose your keys.


Bursts of color keep inspiration and creativity flowing at your work-from-home spot. Grab a coffee in the colorful mug with matching napkins to make your break more special. And with a fun wall clock like this, you will never miss your next meeting.


‘When we were developing the clock, I think Raw Color took a bold step by trying something totally different. It’s not only a clock; it is a moving decorative object.’ Says Philip Holm, Product Design Engineer at IKEA

This eye-catching abstract clock is a constantly changing work of art. The green, pink, and blue circles move to show hours, minutes, and seconds with subtle pointers.


Turn everyday meals into a feast for the eyes by setting a table with these carafes, glasses, and napkins. And who says you have to stop at one ceiling lamp? Multiple lampshades create an even bigger color impression.


These glassware items are like little pieces of art for the table. The pale pink and light brown glasses create shadows when light shines through and can be placed on top of the milky blue carafe. And, of course, they hold drinks, too.     

About Raw Color

The design studio Raw Color was founded in 2008 and is based in Eindhoven, the technological and design hub of The Netherlands. The duo is formed by Daniera Ter Haar and Christoph Brach, who work in graphic design, photography, and product design, where color plays a defining role.

ikea raw color tesammans collection nordroom IKEA & Raw Color TESAMMANS Collection: Color the Everyday

Their work has been showcased in museums and galleries worldwide, including The Aram Gallery, Cooper Hewitt Museum, and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Aside from their studio work, they also work as tutors at Design Academy Eindhoven.    


 The IKEA TESAMMANS Collection will be available in selected stores and online starting in April. Stay up to date with the latest IKEA news in this article.