IKEA BRÄNNBOLL: A New Gaming Collection with Colorful Products

IKEA is launching BRÄNNBOLL, a new collection with twenty versatile products that help gamers create a comfortable and engaging environment when the game is on – and that blend into the home when the game is off.

For this new collection, IKEA was inspired by the changing and varying needs of gamers and those who live with them. The global gaming community consists of 3.3 billion people and it is rapidly growing, making gaming the biggest hobby and an important part of people’s lives.


The IKEA BRÄNNBOLL collection

Gaming is a dynamic activity across devices and locations in the home, involving people of all ages and abilities. The IKEA BRÄNNBOLL collection builds on the first gaming series that IKEA released with the Republic of Gamers in 2021. The collection explores innovative solutions for gamers who value style and functionality, who want to play together, and who want to move smoothly between different platforms and positions.


The collection offers a versatile range of furniture, storage solutions, and accessories, designed to enhance the gaming experience and support everyday life beyond gaming. Many products have multiple functions and are designed to be moved around and adapted to different spaces so gamers can quickly create an immersive gaming environment.


‘With BRÄNNBOLL, we embrace the idea that gaming is for everyone and belongs everywhere in the home. It’s about making it easy for people to create spaces that are adapted for gaming, living, and everything in between. We hope this collection will encourage friends and families to socialize and create joy and togetherness through shared gaming experiences.’ Says Philip Dilé, Product Design Developer at IKEA of Sweden


An Inflatable Chair That Builds on Mistakes

The BRÄNNBOLL collection focuses on seating, with various ergonomic chairs designed to support different gaming postures and scenarios. One such chair is an inflatable chair that builds on previous, less successful attempts to introduce inflatable furniture.


In addition, the collection includes a gaming station, equipped with a folding table top, integrated storage for PC towers, and cable management, which can easily be transformed from a playground into a discreet storage unit.


The collection also features several storage solutions, such as a wall-mounted cabinet, side tables with wheels, and a multifunctional basket that also functions as a movable free-standing table.

IKEA_BRANNBOLL_display cabinet

The collection is completed with accessories and decorative elements, such as a mouse pad, a carpet, and a blanket, designed to give the gaming space a personal touch. 

IKEA_BRANNBOLL_hallare f acc_PH198809

Innovative Aesthetics and Vibrant Colors

Most products targeting gaming design are dark-colored, but the BRÄNNBOLL collection challenges the traditional gaming design and introduces vibrant colors and elements inspired by street sports.


This creates a unique, playful style that combines athletic energy and dynamism with the comfort and performance necessary for gaming. The BRÄNNBOLL armchair explores how furniture can become a dynamic part of the virtual gaming experience. It physically engages the gamer and swings from side to side in harmony with the gamer’s movements. 


‘The armchair is inspired by how people move when they game, and I wanted to create a chair that activates the gamer to enhance the interaction. This connection between the gamer and the game can hopefully lead to a more engaging and immersive experience’, says David Wahl, designer at IKEA of Sweden.  

The IKEA BRÄNNBOLL collection will be available in stores and online in September 2024. 

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