IKEA Home Style and Trends Guide 2024

For 2024, IKEA released a trends and style guide to help you create your dream home in the new year. The IKEA Style Guide 2024 introduces four interior design movements, along with insights and expert designer tips to inspire you to create happier homes.

This new IKEA Style Guide is created to help you design beautiful and comfortable homes rooted in real-life experiences. This is the first time IKEA has released a trends and style guide and I hope it is here to stay as it’s filled with affordable interior inspiration.

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The IKEA Trends and Style Guide 2024 introduces four styles: Warm Minimalism, Swedish Roots, Modern Playfulness, and Scandinavian Folklore. The guide helps you to pick products from the IKEA collection to design your home in these interior styles, but it also encourages you to mix, match, and experiment with the expressions in your home.   


Seasons Change – Design Trends Do, Too

But unlike seasonal shifts, endlessly pursuing the latest design trends will distract you from filling your home with pieces that you love and that love you back. Why not stop chasing trends and create happier homes based on real-life experiences?

‘We wanted to help you create a home based on your celebrations, your real routines, your authentic needs, your shared grievances, and everything in between. The 2024 IKEA Style Guide is intended to show how design and everyday living are intertwined and how, together, they can create a beautiful, more comfortable home life.

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Whether you fall head over heels in love with one style, or decide to experiment and mix them up, it’s up to you. What matters is you choose what works best for your home and what fills your everyday life with comfort and joy.’ – Seana Strawn, Country Home Furnishing & Retail Manager at IKEA    

Warm Minimalism

Warm Minimalism

Kickstart the new year with a fresh look. The ‘Warm Minimalism’ style balances playfulness and bold statements with simplicity, functionality, and organization. Think clean lines, geometric patterns, and natural materials in clutter-free spaces with a refined minimalistic aesthetic that remain warm and welcoming.  

An eclectic, organized home where you can relax with the family or entertain in beauty and comfort.


The Warm Minimalism interior style is sleek, playful, comfortable, and elegant.

Calm Colors

Choose warm, muted, soft, and neutral colors. Mix blues and browns with hints of pink in different, dramatic intensities.

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Soft Contrasts

Combine colored glass, velvet, corduroy, woven textures, metal, and warm woods for gentle drama and sophisticated comfort.


Designer tip: add colored glass and walnut wood for a mid-century look.


Almost half of the people find organization overwhelming. Cut the clutter with closed storage – then add bins, containers, and baskets with natural materials.

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Accessorize with objects you love and textiles that feature abstract and geometric patterns, nature-inspired shapes, clean lines, and tactile textures.  

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Swedish Roots

Swedish Roots

Recharge and refresh your space. Scandinavian design focuses on family life, simple design solutions, and gathering in comfort both indoors and outdoors. modern, playful and suited to people’s everyday needs, it balances carefree living with staying organized.

Natural tones and blonde woods primary colors, and functionality create welcoming, casual spaces with a fluid relationship between living room lounging and al fresco entertaining.


The Swedish Roots interior style is simple, versatile, natural, and harmonious.  

Bold Colors

Celebrate the season with greens – whether soft or brilliantly bright – and create harmony with neutral, muted tones and graphic patterns.  


Act Naturally

Natural woods, chrome, leather, and honest materials bring warmth, simplicity, and comfort to indoor and outdoor spaces.


Refreshing Patterns

Hand-drawn, graphic, abstract, and geometric designs with an emphasis and organic shapes and materials bring life to any space.


20% of people connect with nature to feel content and at ease. It makes a difference to create a home with a harmonious relationship between inside and out.

Modern Playfulness

Modern Playfulness

Tidy up – but style up, too! IKEA’s take on international modern style is elegant, urban, playful, and eclectic. It brings together colors and pastels with high intensity in and unexpected mix with dirtier and more mutes tones.

Patterns are bold and playful, and there’s an overall vibe of stylistic experimentation. It’s all about leaning into relaxing and staying active and finding an exciting balance between rying new things to see what works and staying organized.


The Modern Playfulness interior style is joyful, expressive, colorful, and contemporary

Bolder and Brighter the Better

But be sure to combine those brilliant, popping colors with calmer, more muted and natural tones, too.


Dramatic Expressions

Get experimental and strive for playful contrasts by mixing metals and soft textiles, warm woods, and cool plastics, clean lines with organic shapes.


Harmoniously Sleek

Invite a spirit of play with geometric, organic, and even unconventional shapes, but keep it soft, welcoming, and comfortable so you’re always lounge-ready.

Aim for harmony in every detail and make comfort a priority.    

Scandinavian Folklore

Scandinavian Folklore

Get cozy for gatherings with friends and family. Inspired by life in rural Sweden at the turn of the 20th century, the traditional Scandinavian style is down-to-earth, warm, and welcoming. Furniture is simple and rustic, while décor and accessories embrace natural materials and tones.

As your hosting calendar fills up with celebrations, it’s time to craft a cozier space to bring together family and friends.


The Scandinavian Folklore interior style is cozy, natural, earthy, and rustic

Earthy Tones

Think burnt red, ochre, blue, and green – and add a neural, primary, saturated palette to make it feel fresh and new, but familiarly cozy.


Everyday Comfort

Bring a warm hygge feel to your home with natural, antique stained pine, cast iron, and lacquered metal.


Traditional Textures

Graphic, figurative, woven, and embroidered patterns and textiles bring a calming natural touch and feel, so you’re ready to warm up in comfort with loved ones.


Focus on simplicity and coziness to create perfect imperfection.

In the IKEA Collection October 2023 you can find many products that are inspired by Scandinavian Folklore.


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