IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)

The end of summer has been exciting period for interior lovers for decades. And that is because for 70 years, in August, the new IKEA Catalog would land on our doormat packed with well-designed, functional, and affordable furniture and decor.

In 2021 IKEA announced that the IKEA Catalog published that year will be its last. The way we shop for furniture and acquire interior inspiration has drastically changed since IKEA first started printing a catalog in 1951 and therefor they have decided to move to a more digital way of sharing all the latest interior inspiration from IKEA.

While there will be no fysical IKEA Catalog in 2023, there will be plenty to look forward to at the end of 2022 and in 2023. Just like every year IKEA have released a bunch of new furniture and decor in time for the “new season” starting in September. And in September we will also be looking forward to Christmas when the IKEA Christmas Collection will be published.

But throughout the year IKEA will constantly release new interior collections packed with stylish, affordable, and functional design that will make your home a better place to live. So instead of the IKEA Catalog 2023, this post will be reguarly updated with the latest design news and collections from our much loved blue & yellow home store. (so make sure to bookmark it)

IKEA Aromatisk

The IKEA Aromatisk collection is a new collection inspired by traditional Indian arts and crafts and helps you throw a great party.

The collection consists of warm-colored home accessories like patterned textiles, candle holders, vases, and serving plates.

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New Products October

The October product launch from IKEA focuses on social gatherings. The collection is divided into two style expressions: “Rustic with a Twist” and “Turn Up the Tempo”.

Whether you like bold colors or a calmer style, the new IKEA collection has smart storage, textiles, and furniture that will transform your home and give it new energy.


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IKEA Nytillverkad Part Two

The Nytillverkad collection celebrates eighty years of iconic IKEA designs. The furniture and home accessories are a new take on classic design pieces.

Part Two of the Nytillverkad collection is focused on designs from the 1970s and 80s with bold orange tones and patterns.

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In June 2023, IKEA will release a new limited collection called MÄVINN. The collection is made in collaboration with social businesses in Asia and consists of handmade home accessories made of natural materials.

The MÄVINN collection sings with tactile details and joyful bursts of color that will enrich your home with character. The collection includes baskets, rugs, a lampshade, an apron, bags, cushion covers, a wall organizer, and more.


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New Products July 2023

IKEA has released a new collection filled with bold colors and prints to celebrate the Summer season. The new collection consists of furniture and accessories in vibrant colors and bold prints. From a yellow table lamp to a rug with a tiger print. If you want to add more color to the interior then you should check out this new collection.

RIBBA frame with poster
JORDRANUNKEL duvet cover

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IKEA Nytillverkad

The Nytillverkad collection, revealed at the Milan Design Week 2023, is a new collection that celebrates eighty years of iconic IKEA designs. The Nytillverkad collection features furniture, bedding, and accessories with a fresh, bold, and joyous take on classic design pieces.

This collection is the first of a series of launches that will release vintage IKEA designs with a new look. The first products will be released in July 2023.


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IKEA has collaborated with Olafur Eliasson’s social enterprise Little Sun for two new solar cell lamps. The SAMMANLÄNKAD solar lamps are designed to make solar energy available to more people.


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IKEA has collaborated with nine Latin American creatives from the design, fashion, food, architecture, and art world to create a new limited collection called ÖMSESIDIG.

ÖMSESIDIG pays homage to Latin America’s various cultures, crafts, and expressions through the designs of nine local creatives. The ÖMSESIDIG collection consists of 30 products, from glass- and tableware to decorations and textiles. These products help set the mood for celebrations and gatherings.


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New Products April 2023

The new IKEA products released this April fall under two key style expressions: “Soft and oh so dreamy” and “Harmonious neutrals”.  From versatile products you’ll use daily to items that evoke a warm, sunny day, it’s all about seizing the easy, breezy updates that will open your home to summer.

KAPPELAND ceiling lamp
VINTERIBERIS duvet cover
LONNHOSTMAL duvet cover

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IKEA Summer Collection 2023

IKEA has released their Summer Collection 2023. Get ready to enjoy the warmer weather with new products that will turn your balcony or garden into a welcoming space.

From new furniture sets with modular sofas and dining tables, to cozy lighting, and cushions and decor in bright colors. The new summer collection is ready for outdoor living.


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IKEA & Marimekko BASTUA

IKEA has teamed up with Finnish design house Marimekko for a limited collection called BASTUA. The BASTUA collection is an ode to the Finnish sauna culture and features furniture, lighting, textiles, and home decor. The collection perfectly blends the Scandinavian design you’re used to from IKEA and the bold colors and patterns that Marimekko is known for.


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In february, a new lighting and home decor collection will hit the stores. VARMBLIXT is a beautiful line of home decor and sculptural lighting products that play with light. The collection is designed by Dutch-New Zealand designer Sabine Marcelis and consists of lighting, rugs, and glassware. The VARMBLIXT collection lies in stores from February. The lighting will be added to the permanent collection, the other items are limited edition.


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IKEA Spring Collection 2023

Spring is the season for new beginnings. After the holiday season it’s time to reset, to adjust your goals and intentions for the upcoming year. And this also means that it’s time to get your home ready for the new year.

IKEA will help you create a fresh and neat home for the new year with new smart storage solutions as well as new decor and furniture in in fun designs with fresh, colorful patterns.


The IKEA Spring Collection has its own blog post. Click here to see more of this new collection.

IKEA Winter Collection (October 2022)

It’s the season for sharing your home with your loved ones. And the IKEA Winter Collection is all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. The collection consists of furniture and decor in nature inspired prints, bold colors, and warm textiles. The winter months never looked so good.

green botanical wallpaper IKEA living room VISKAKORF sofa nordroom IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
KARRDUNORT duvet cover KRAKRISMOTT duvet TRAGSPINNARE curtain IKEA nordroom IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
KÄRRDUNÖRT duvet cover
PINNTORP table chair CYKELVAG rug ikea winter nordroom IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
PINNTORP dining table and chairs
HOVOLM rack SVINDINGE rug ALMAROD mirror hallway mudroom ikea nordroom IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
ESSEBODA sofa IKEA winter collection nordroom IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)

Because the winter collection is big, it has also gotten its own blog post. Click here to read and see more of the IKEA Winter Collection.

IKEA Christmas

The IKEA Christmas 2022 Collection is inspired by Scandinavian folklore and handicraft. The collection consists of “VINTERFINT 2022” decorative items, “STRÅLA” lightings, and “VINTERSAGE” holiday food and beverages.

The inspiration for the IKEA Christmas decorations come from designer’s Eva Lundgreen’s own childhood and the holidays she spent with her grandmother. You will find folkloric art inspired prints and fairytale figures in these decorative items that have been given a modern spin with pastel colors and bold stripes.


The IKEA Christmas Collection has its own post. You can read all about the holiday collection right here.


IKEA launched the new TOLKNING collection during their DISTRIKT installation at Paris Design Week. The IKEA TOLKNING collection is a sustainable range of furniture and decor made of 100% natural fibers like bamboo, rattan, and jute.


The collection is an important step towards IKEA’s goal to only have products made of recycled or renewable materials in 2030. The products in this collection are a headboard, a folding screen, plant pots, storage baskets, and more.


IKEA KRÖSAMOS Collection (September 2022)

KRÖSAMOS is a new Fall collection that focuses on preparing, storing and preserving fresh ingredients and tasty dishes. The items are designed in typical fall colors and consist of glass jars, table linen, placemats made of sustainable cotton, ceramics, and more. The IKEA KRÖSAMOS Collection will be in stores in September 2022.

IKEA KROSAMOS sil tratt PH186009 IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
IKEA KROSAMOS PH186006 IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
IKEA KROSAMOS kollektion PH186010 IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
IKEA KROSAMOS glasburk PH185991 IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
IKEA KROSAMOS presentpase PH186007 IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
IKEA KROSAMOS etikett PH185993 IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
IKEA KROSAMOS forklade PH185985 IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
IKEA KROSAMOS bordsunderlagg PH186008 IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
IKEA KROSAMOS skarbrada PH186240 IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)

July Collection: Prints and Natural Materials (September 2022)

For the new season IKEA has released a wonderful collection of furniture, decor, and textiles that will enhance your home style. It’s a diverse collection with bold prints, decor made of natural materials such as cypress grass, banana fibres, and seagrass.

IKEA has worked again with British designer Ilse Crawford for this new July Collection. She has designed new collection of copper pans for IKEA that are stylish and functional.

IKEA NASSELKLOCKA duvet cover nordroom IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
NASSELKLOCKA duvet cover
IKEA GILLSTAD wall decorations nordroom IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
GILLSTAD wall decorations
IKEA KLIPPAN sofa nordroom IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
IKEA LYCKSELE LOVAS sofa bed nordroom IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
IKEA KLYNNETAG duvet cover nordroom IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
KLYNNETAG duvet cover
IKEA OLDERDALEN nightstand nordroom IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
OLDERDALEN nightstand
IKEA PURPURBRACKA duvet cover nordroom IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
PURPURBRACKA duvet cover
IKEA SYMFONISK table lamp nordroom IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
SYMFONISK lamp shade
IKEA GILLSTAD wall decor nordroom IKEA Catalog 2023 (And More IKEA News)
GILLSTAD wall decor

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