IKEA Spring Collection 2023: A Season of New Beginnings

Get ready for a fresh start in your home with the IKEA Spring Collection 2023. Spring is the time to reset, to adjust your goals and intentions for the upcoming year.

After the holiday season it’s time to reclaim our houses and make it ready for the new year. Spring cleaning and organizing your home is one step towards a more comfortable home. Study suggest that we feel better and less stressed in a tidy home. However, with lives being so busy it’s hard to always maintain an orangised home.

But IKEA is here to help. The IKEA Spring Collection features new smart storage solutions as well as new decor and furniture in in fun designs with fresh, colorful patterns.

A Green Living Room

The green IKEA living room shows a couple of new items. The VÅGHÖJD led floor lamp is designed to go behind a sofa while still be able to reach the coffee table without bumping against the wall or tipping over. The lamp can easily be rotated and you can adjust the intensity.


The living room is decorated in several shades of green that is combined with colorful pillows. On the sofa lies the new light pink HORNMAL throw and on the wall you can see the new LINDÅSEN display shelf.


The new PARKSALLAT cushion cover.


The JÄTTEBO modula sofa is designed to fitin home of any size. Every seating module has built in storage. In this sofa IKEA displays the new VATTENVÄN cushion cover.

BESTÅ bookcase with HEDEVIKEN door

A Blue and Ochre Bedroom

In this bedroom cold and warm color tones are combined. The fresh blue walls are combined with ochre yellow curtains and bedding.


The TUFJORD bedframe had a soft blue upholstery and that is combined with the new ÄNGLATRUMPET duvet cover and the SVARTHÖ and NÄBBSPINNARE cushion covers.

On the bedside table you can see the new PILBLIXT table lamp and RÄFFELBjÖRK vase.


In the back you can see the classic EKENÄSET amrchair that is now available in a new gray/turquoise color.

PILBLIXT table lamp

A Pink and Yellow Bedroom

Go for a bold and cheerful colorful combination which is perfectly displayed in this pink and yellow bedroom. The bedroom shows new bedding, wall decor, and a new armchair.


Double up with your bedding by using two duvet covers in two different colors. In this bedroom they used the new pink SVARTKLINT duvet cover and the yellow LUKTJASMIN duvet cover.


Sit back and relax in the new OSKARSHAMN wing chair with storage ottoman. The chair is decorated with the new SVARTPOPPEL cushion cover.


The new HÄGGMISPEL wall decoration can also be used to store your jewelry.


A Green Bedroom

Green is a calming natural color so it is perfect for decorating a bedroom. This natural green IKEA bedroom shows a new green duvet cover and a sculptural floor lamp.

ÄNGSNEJLIKA duvet cover

The PILSKOTT LED floor lamp has an almost sculptural design that makes it stand out even when it’s turned off. You can complement it with the TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer for the complete experience..

SILVTJÄRN soap dispenser and the GRYTÅS mirror

A Modern Minimalist Kitchen

This sleek modern kitchen displays the new UPPLÖV kitchen fronts. Clean modern lines are blended with a soft matte surface in muted tones. The chamfered edge catches the light and adds an almost graphic effect to the kitchen.


The TOBIAS chair comes in a new brown/red color for a warm tone in the dining area.


The new KLINTEN dining chairs with beige and light blue upholstery.

BLÅSVERK table lamp

The two plastic shades in white and beige give the BLÅSVERK table lamp a soft retro shape.

GALLERISKOG wall decoration

A Natural Living Room

This living room is inspired by the natural freshness of the new season. The green leaves that start light will slowly turn darker. The wrooms shows wood , natural fibres, and simple forms combined with monochromatic graphic patterns.


The living room shows a new Billy bookcase and drawer with castors as well as the new BLANDSKOG tapestry.


A Natural Bedroom

Create your own sanctuary with the TOLKNING room divider. The natural fibres of the handmade rattan adds warmth and character to the room.


Many new items in this bedroom. It shows the KLÄTTERKALLA duvet cover, the REGOLIT pendant, VATTENKAR wall storage, and the TOLKNING room divider.

TJABBIG basket
TJUSIG vertical hook rack
ENERGISKOG decorative mirror with fringes

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New Decorative Items in the IKEA Spring Collection 2023

The new IKEA collection helps you create a colorful and fresh home for the new year.