IKEA Spring Collection 2024: A Palette of Possibilities

IKEA has launched a new spring collection that invites you to embrace curiosity and sprinkle bright ideas into your living space with a palette of possibilities.

The spring collection is divided into four styles where you enter the world of color and meaning. The four styles are: Bright and Transparent, Timeless Base, Organically Inspired, and Salt, Pepper, and Zest.

Starting in April, the new IKEA Spring Collection 2024 will be available in stores and online. But as usual, you can already see the collection on The Nordroom.


Light and Transparency

Light and transparency formed the inspiration for this palette. The overall feel is airy and soothing and welcomes the warmer, longer days of the season.

Close your eyes and turn your face to the sun. Diffuse color and light blend into something else. Like ink dropped into water, there are no sharp edges here. Let’s flow, fade, brighten again this season, and mingle into the new.


A sunset you can step on. What do you see in this rug? An impressionist painting or maybe the Indian Ocean before the sun slips over the horizon. The HOTELLRUM rug can be anything you want.

IKEA_OLYMPTISTEL duvet new ikea collection april ordroom

This palette is clean, light, and airy, with some warmth and colors to brighten up your home. Celebrate the positives of the spring season: the mild air, the crisp sunlight, and the awakening of nature with new buds, leaves, and flowers.


Celebrate memories while making new ones. This BILD poster captures the endless summer feeling of childhood holidays in the sun.


This or that, or the other side up. Handle with imagination. With its mesh material and myriad hanging options, the SVENSHULT shelf is very versatile.


The Final Touch to a Timeless Base

The terracotta of the desert, the greens of the olive grove. A timeless base that transcends seasonality can be given a new life with sharp black-and-white graphics. Say yes to a hypnotic repetition this season for a bold, new expression.

This coordination may be a mature look, but it follows the energy of the season and the desire for something new.


The delicate line work on the JÄTTEGRAN cushion cover has a gossamer-like quality. Paired with the cover’s softened, cupped corners, the overall impression will add a brush of elegance to any space.


The EKET series is great for its countless creative combinations. It has brought life to homes across the world. The EKET cabinet is now also available in olive green.

IKEA_KUGGIS_storage boxes

The SÖTRÖNN Collection

Japanese designer Hiroko Takahashi and her curvy world have collaborated with IKEA for an exciting new collection called SÖTRÖNN.

“When things are left unfinished or incomplete, there is room for the imagination to enter,” says Hiroko Takahashi

IKEA_SOTRONN_new ikea products april nordroom
IKEA_SOTRONN_graphic patterns

When conceptualizing the SÖTRÖNN collection, designer Hiroko Takahashi paid homage to traditional Japanese design while giving it a contemporary twist. An added treat? Both the throw and the tea towels have complimentary colorways on either side. Two expressions, one product.

IKEA_FRODD_floor pillow

Organically Inspired

Put the ruler and rules to one side and let the form free. The only patterns here are the ones found in nature—winding routes with no clear end or beginning. Let’s welcome an outdoor life inside and live with fresh intensity.

This coordination pulls together different elements of the natural world, intensities, and shades of green and natural textures to create the impression of a lush summer’s day even when you’re inside.


Paired with their comforting shape, the contrasting combinations of milk, forest, and grass green make the PIGGÅL mugs a cheerful addition to your home.


The bold, freehand style of the NÄBBFISK tablecloth reminds us of rice fields seen from the sky.


The ingenious handles of the GRÖNFISK tray allow you to take it from one place to another single-handedly. Aesthetically, the natural wood against the white does all kinds of good things for us.


The bold, abstract design and wonderfully textured fabric of the UNDERBLOMMA cushion covers will add lush pops of greenery to any environment.

IKEA_YTLAGE_ceiling lamp

“With the YTLÄGE pendant lamp, I wanted to express the possibility to change the atmosphere in a room in an exciting and playful way. When closed, the cylindrical shape of the lampshade spreads a cozy glow over the dining table. Pull the string, and it transforms into an open floral shape that provides a lot of light, “ says designer Lukas Bazle


The latest addition to the LISABO family has an upholstered seat that will give your guests and yourself a comfy spot to sit during a dinner party.


Salt, Pepper, and Zest

Simplicity is the key ingredient. Add a twist or a pinch of something spicy or sunny, and voila! You’ve created something exciting and unique. A striking graphic base is softened with touches of natural material.

The strong black-and-white base of this coordination lends itself perfectly to a seasonal change with simple pops of color for impact, natural materials for something a bit unexpected, and lots of multifunctional pieces for practicality.


The SANDMOTT cushions are nostalgic and effortlessly current at the same time. The freehand black cross-hatching against white makes a delightful contrast next to the charm of the tulips.

IKEA_SLANHOSTMAL_striped duvet

The SLÅNHÖSTMAL duvet cover is a fresh take on an iconic IKEA look. Made from a soft blend of cotton and viscose and finished off with black press studs, it’s sure to be a timeless and long-lasting addition to linen closets around the world.

IKEA_FORENLIG_new ikea collection april nordroom

The shape and color of the FÖRENLIG watering can are so cheerful, and it looks perfect for the spring season.


The dynamism and saturated colors of the PJÄTTERYD art piece add a burst of life to any wall waiting for an easy update.


Storage made stylish. Pack up your things in style with practical and pretty DJURTRÄNARE baskets.


The SKOMAKARE shelf with tray, hooks, and different hanging positions is the definition of multifunctionality.

The new IKEA spring collection 2024 is available from April. Look at this blog post to see the latest news and collections from IKEA.