New IKEA Products January 2024: For Easy Style Tweaks

The start of the new year means that the holiday décor can be put away, and you can focus on creating a new look to start the year fresh. IKEA has presented the new products that will be available in January to help you with low-key makeovers in your home.

Contrasts and curves, grooved glass, shimmering surfaces, and velvet in jewel tones help to create harmony in your home style. Or how about some black metal and graphic patterns for a cool edge to your room.

What’s your favorite look – graphic patterns and rich jewel tones or cozy dollops of cream and blue? These new January products from IKEA have what you need to help you update your home in a dash.


Sort out your shelves, swap a few cushions, or roll out a rug. This is all about easy style tweaks that you can make and love today.


The new IKEA products will be available in stores and online in January 2024. Follow the new IKEA collections article to stay up to date with the latest news.

Style Expression: Cool Contrasts

This season, contrasts and curves are everything. Undulating details with reeded glass, shimmering finishes, and velvet mesh with jewel tones to create harmony.


Black metal lends a sleek, big-city vibe that’s softened by playful elements – graphic patterns, stripes, and rainbow-inspired vases. It’s urban cool, and we love it.


We love how the reeded glass doors of the MOSSJÖN glass door cabinet give curious eyes an enticing hint of what’s inside.


We can’t get enough of ribbed glass. Designed by Lisa Hilland, the RÄFFELBJÖRK vase was inspired by rainbows. We love its flowing, playful shape and shimmering finish.


Place it where you want it, the MOSSJÖN glass door cabinet is so versatile that you can use it for everything from displaying your favorite vases and glassware to storing bed and bath linens.


The HERRÅKRA armchairs in easy care fabric suit any space – from a lounging corner in your living room to a busy lobby in your office.


This season, BILD posters sport an Art Deco vibe with jewel-tone colors and motifs featuring elegantly cool women.


The TANDMOTT throw and cushion cover feature an eye-catching organic pattern inspired by wood grain. Both are made of jacquard woven cotton, which gives extra depth and texture that feels wonderful to touch.


The BÅTSPINNARE cushion cover’s graphic pattern may look harp, but its brushed cotton surface is soft and velvety.

Sorted. Styled. Done.

The HÖNSNÄT series of organizers is made of unbleached paperboard, which gives it a raw, natural look. Its lightweight material makes the organizers easy to move where you need them.


Bring On the Night

Give your room a cool urban vibe with colors and patterns reminiscent of neon lights reflecting on rainy streets at night.


Bring in sleek curves, wavy lines, hints of blue and black, and open storage for a loft living feel. This is your place to chill.

TURBO clothing rack nordroom

The TURBO clothing rack makes it easy to air out and switch your seasonal clothing or organize your base wardrobe. It also comes with castors, so you can roll it where you need it.


We love the BILLY bookcase in limited edition black-blue. The black panel in blue sets the tone and makes a statement.


Wo said storing seasonal clothing had to be neutral? Not us. Go all in with carrier bags and storage cases in whimsical stripes and patterns brimming with happy, energizing doses of color.


Eclectic Dream Waves

“When designing the KLIPPNEJLIKA textiles, I wanted to create something vibrant and energetic that evokes a sense of movement but also relaxation.” – designer Akanksha Deo

new IKEA products january (1)

Style Expression: Your Sweet Spot

This is where you come to recharge and spoil yourself, where everything is calming, soothing, and pleasing to the eye and soul.

Sink into a cloud of soft blue, warm neutrals, and white for a relaxing bedroom retreat that’s timeless. Let your thoughts flow as you live in the moment.


Romantic florals for all-day daydreaming

The GLESSTARR bedding features refined details such as piped edging, an intricate floral pattern, and fabric-covered buttons which give the textiles an exclusive touch.

IDALINNEA cushion covers 1 New IKEA Products January 2024: For Easy Style Tweaks

The IDALINNEA cushion cover with its floral patterns add a traditional feel and give any bed, sofa or armchair a new fresh style.


With its inverse geometric pattern on the front and back, the flatwoven TELEGRAFLINJE rug lets you choose which side to show – mustard yellow or cream.


TELGRALINJE is a smooth-woven rug that works just as well under the dining table as in the living room. The geometric pattern in earthy tones adds warmth and personality to your interior.

The rug has inverted patterns on the front and back, so you can choose which side you want to show. By turning it over from time to time, it can withstand more wear and tear and can be used even longer.


Effortlessly Organized

Thanks to the charming checked pattern inside, you may not want to close the lids of the RÅGODLING storage boxes.


The warm cream and beige stripes adorning the RÅGODLING clothes cover are meant to be seen as they are too attractive to hide in a closet.


The RÅGODLING box with compartments has a place for everything, including your sewing kit. You can even adjust the size of the compartments to suit your needs.


The wide shape and sturdy construction of the RÅGODLING coat hangers make them ideal for heavy clothing such as outerwear and blazers.


Precious Moments

When you want to take a dining room from simply homey to sensational, details like splashes of cream, hints of blue and black, and a crafted feel make the difference.

This is your space to enjoy intimate meals with your special someone or host parties for your dearest friends and family. You’ll love lingering here.


The EBBALYCKE dining chair is more than just comfortable. Its fabric cover is easy to clean and has a secret back pocket for keeping napkins and other dining essentials within reach.


This season’s BILD posters take a bare wall from bland to beautiful with decorative motifs by designer Maria Mendez and inspired by fine porcelain.

TRETTIOEN pendant-lamp-nordroom

The TRETTIOEN pendant lamp shade and enamel surface is timeless.


Crafted with Care: The ÅKERNEJLIKA Collection

Inspired by Nordic flora, the ÅKERNEJLIKA collection brings the beauty of handcrafted textiles to your home. the collection was designed by Paulin Machado and crafted by women artisans in rural India and Jordan. This collaboration with social entrepreneurs helps provide a long-term livelihood for the artisans.


The blue and brown ÅKERNEJLIKA cushion covers are all unique – each bears the initials of the artisan who hand-embroidered it.


“For this collection, I was inspired by plants and flowers, especially a Swedish herb with small pink flowers called ÅKERNEJLIKA. The embroideries are based on my drawings of the plant”. – designer Paulin Machado


with these new Ikea products, you can create a subtle new some look in the new year. which product is your favorite?