IKEA DAKSJUS: A Limited Collection for Plant Lovers

In February, IKEA will release DAKSJUS, a new limited collection for plant lovers with or without green fingers. The early months of the year are the planting season, and DAKSJUS is for everyone who enjoys planting and growing.

With well-designed plant stands, pots, and accessories, the new IKEA collection has everything you need for mess-free planting, easy maintenance of your green friends, and a beautiful display.

Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just starting out, the DAKSJUS range of pots, stands, and gardening accessories makes it a walk in the park to surround yourself with plants.


For a more inspiring and energizing workspace, frame your desk with plants. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, DAKSJUS hanging planters and plant stands not only save precious floor space, but they can also create a uniform style and color scheme across your home.


Decorating with greenery around windows adds a cozy, homey feeling to any room, and DAKSJUS hanging planters are perfect for the task. If you are afraid, you might water your computer along with the plants hanging above your desk, opt for the IKEA evergreens that only require a little dusting now and then.


Give your plants the gift of a happy and healthy life with this DAKSJUS self-watering plant pot. Made from a porous terracotta that holds excess water, it lets your green friends draw moisture whenever they need it. Refilling it is a breeze, thanks to a handy gap on the side.


Place DAKSJUS vases on a windowsill and watch the sunlight give life to your plants, seeds, and the vases themselves. Designed to help your plants grow strong and healthy, they will lift your mood with every sprout.


“We hope the vases will entice you to grow new things, and that you will feel joy when your seeds come to life.” Designers Wiebke Braasch and Iine Vuorivirta


“Loving plants while having limited space can be a challenge. That is why we created the DAKSJUS plant stand, so you can maximize your plant collection vertically. The compact size and angled legs take up little room, and the round shape of the legs creates a soft look that complements the natural beauty of plants.


And it’s simple to move since it’s made of sturdy, lightweight bamboo. This plant stand is like a blank canvas – ready for your creativity and beloved plants”. – designers Wiebke Braasch, Luna Gil and Anna-Maria Nilsson


“The goal was to create a set of small plant pots that would allow people to bring greenery into any room, even on a small surface. With the four DAKSJUS plant pots, you can grow seeds and display flowers, succulents, or herbs. We hope they inspire you to fill your home with plants, color, and joy.”  – designers Wiebke Braasch, Luna Gil and Anna-Maria Nilsson


These tiny DAKSJUS plant pots are perfect for displaying baby plants, cacti, and succulents. Their mixed colors and relief pattern make them just as decorative on their own as they are together.


If the hassle of cleaning up is robbing you of the joys of being a plant parent, this DAKSJUS potting mat may be the solution. Handy press studs on the corners help contain soil, tools, pots, cuttings, and seeds, making it possible to plant and groom without creating a mess. To clean up, just wipe, rinse off, and fold it flat until your next potting project.


The DAKSJUS potting mat can be used outdoors as well as indoors, keeping soil and tools in one place. It’s easy to move around your garden and minimizes mess. Plus, having everything you need at hand saves time and energy, too.


Get ready to witness magic in your kitchen. The DAKSJUS sprouting dish is made from porous red clay that keeps the dish evenly damp, while its powder-coated exterior makes it waterproof. In short, it’s the perfect pot for growing nutritious sprouts.


Keep your tools within reach with this easy-to-clean DAKSJUS waist apron. And don’t forget to protect your hands with matching gardening gloves that offer both comfort and grip.


This outdoor breakfast setup is budget-friendly, flexible, and comfortable. Plus, it’s the perfect place for planting and grooming your greens. The DAKSJUS tablecloth is tough and easy to wipe clean before it’s time for breakfast again.


It’s time to spread some plant love, so why not host a potting party? From practical trays and tools to pots that will make your plants shine, the Ikea DAKSJUS collection has everything you need to set and inspiring workshop table.

ikea-daksjus-new-collection-green garden

Share the joy of gardening with friends and swap plant cuttings, seeds, and tips while cultivating together. DAKSJUS plant pots come in different shades and sizes to give a home to all your greens, even the tiniest ones.


Don’t let limited space limit your love for plants. Vertical gardening is perfect for small patios and balconies, and with this compact, space-saving DAKSJUS plant stand, you can add more greenery to all your rooms, indoors and outside.

ikea-daksjus-new-collection-hanging -planters

Short on space but big one plant love? Create variation and add lush greenery to your balcony, patio, or indoors with these space-saving DAKSJUS hanging planters.


Hang the lightweight plant pots on the handy bamboo plant rack. There is sufficient storage space on the two shelves for a watering can, pots, and your favorite garden magazines. Style the rack with lush plants to give a green boost to the space.  


Could you use some help taking care of your plants? Then the terracotta pot with an earthenware basin is for you. You can easily fill the basin with water via the special indentation and place the pot in it. The water gradually penetrates through the porous pot to the soil and thus reaches the roots of your plant. This way, the plant gets enough water for a longer period of time without the risk of overwatering. 


The new IKEA DAKSJUS collection is available online and in stores in February 2024.

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