A New Collection by Farrow & Ball and Liberty

Farrow & Ball has teamed up with Liberty for a new collection of paint colors and interior fabrics. The edit features 15 colors from Farrow & Ball’s archive, complimented by interior fabrics from Liberty’s Modern Range Collector.

The collaboration offers timeless color and print combinations that will look beautiful in every home.

Genevieve Bennett, head of design interiors at Liberty says about the collection:

“Liberty pattern is intricate and eclectic; I always feel that heritage pattern really comes alive when used with solid colour.

Pairing our iconic designs with exquisite paint colours such as these really gives the pattern space to breathe and sing. It has added another dimension to the collection and we are so looking forward to seeing them together within homes.”

Let’s take a look at the Edit of 15 Farrow & Ball paint color combined with Liberty interior fabrics.

Colour: Suffield Green | Fabric: Wiltshire Blossom, Lichen
Choosing a wall colour that mirrors the hints of green in Wiltshire Blossom, rather than the more forthcoming colours of its flowers, is a less obvious approach to building a scheme, but one that works beautifully

Colour: Smoked Trout | Fabric: Persian Voyage, Pewter
Smoked Trout as a wall colour works beautifully with the Pewter colourway of Persian Voyage where a straightforward grey might be too cool, picking up the warmer undertones in the pattern for a subtle and sophisticated look.

Colour: Sloe Blue | Fabric: Felix Raison, Lichen Bright
A paisley print like Felix Raison is a timeless option for any style of home, especially in perennial shades like blue and yellow. Its pairing with Sloe Blue feels both classic and fresh, especially if the same colour is taken across the walls and woodwork.

Colour: Serge | Fabric: Regency Tulip, Lapis
Serge is the perfect medium between the rich, dark ground colour of Regency Tulip and its bold blue botanical print. Try it on woodwork – including the doors – for a luxurious look.

Colour: Chemise | Fabric: Hera Plume, Pewter
Hera Plume in Pewter, with its soft tone-on-tone print, is a stunning option for adding just a hint of pattern to a scheme. Keep the rest of the look minimal with walls painted in Chemise.

Colour: Berrington Blue | Fabric: Palampore Trail, Lichen
Choosing a wall colour just a few shades darker than the background colour of your fabric, as we’ve done here with Berrington Blue and Palampore Trail, creates a look that’s dynamic but still calming to live with.

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Colour: Chine Green | Fabric: Zennor Arbour, Plaster Pink
The finely detailed print and light colours of Zennor Arbour give it a delicate impression. Combining it with deep Chine Green adds some strength and edge to the equation, making for a perfectly balanced, very modern scheme.

Colour: Olive | Fabric: Poppy Meadowfield, Pewter Blue
Poppy Meadowfield is based on an archival print from 1910, but the clean lines of the reworked pattern give it a real retro-cool 1960s feel that works brilliantly with Olive, creating a contemporary twist on mid-century modern.

Colour: Cane | Fabric: Persian Voyage, Lichen
Persian Voyage in Lichen feels completely different to the simpler colourways of Jade Stone and Pewter. Here, paired with Cane, it’s lush and exciting with an almost tropical feel.

Colour: Fruit Fool | Fabric: Palampore Trail, Lacquer
Fruit Fool mimics the deeper, stronger coral shade in the Lacquer colourway of Palampore Trail, creating an especially vibrant look when used on wall panelling or furniture.

Colour: Potted Shrimp | Fabric: Poppy Meadowfield, Lichen
Potted Shrimp is a sweet, soft colour that brings out the nostalgic nature of Poppy Meadowfield. Try it on walls with a Clunch trim, or with navy accents that reference the fabric’s darkest blooms.

Colour: Cola | Fabric: Botanical Flora, Lacquer
Using a contrasting secondary tone from your fabric on walls or woodwork, as we’ve suggested here with Cola and Botanical Flora, gives both elements enormous impact

Colour: Pantalon | Fabric: Wiltshire Blossom, Lapis Dark
The small scale and simple shapes of the Wiltshire Blossom print lend themselves perfectly to a clean and modern scheme, with the effortlessly cool Pantalon on walls.

Colour: Clunch | Fabric: Persian Voyage, Jade Stone
A laid-back shade, Clunch offers a clean, neutral backdrop that allows the intricacy and jewel-like colours of Persian Voyage fabric to really shine.

Colour: Archive | Fabric: Marquess Garden, Lichen Rose
Marquess Garden, with its deep, dark background and bright sparks of colour, instantly draws the eye. For a look that’s both characterful and calm, combine this ditsy floral fabric with the subtle Archive on walls.

The edit launches today (october 1st) and is available to purchase in Farrow & Ball showrooms and selected stockists, as well as online at farrow-ball.com. Liberty interiors fabrics are available to purchase from libertylondon.com.