The Colorful Copenhagen Home Of An Art Collector

I have a home for you today that everyone who loves color and art will absolutely love. The home in Copenhagen belongs to Barbara Maj Husted Werner who owns the luxury fashion story Holly Golighty in Copenhagen.

But aside from fashion Barbara also has a passion for collecting contemporary art and that shows in her own home. There is not a single wall that isn’t decorated with colorful and textured artwork.

It was important for Barbara that her home wouldn’t feel like a museum, artwork has to be used and enjoyed eveyday, and with four children in her home it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to have very fragile artwork in her home that can be broken!

I absolutely love the combination of color, texture and art in this home. It shows that when you want to have a home filled with color, texture and art it can be combined however you want, don’t think to much about what should or shouldn’t go together. If you like it, it works!

photos via Independent Collectors

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