New IKEA Bathroom Collections For A Fresh Start in 2024

IKEA has announced new bathroom collections to start the year 2024. HAVBÄCK, ÄNGSJÖN, and TÄNNFORSEN are a new series of bathroom commodes and cabinets with different styles and expressions.

The new bathroom furniture pieces offer spacious storage where the entire drawer volume can be used for the most important things because the pipes are routed through the back and not via a hole in the drawers.

The new IKEA bathroom vanities are available in single and double cabinets, so they can be used in bathrooms of all sizes. The new bathroom product from IKEA also includes a sink, mirror, organizing boxes, faucets, and textiles. These items can also be mixed with other IKEA pieces.



The HAVBÄKK bathroom series, with its straight lines, is available in grey, white, and beige and has a modern expression. It is easy to personalize with buttons and handles. VINNÄSET knob in solid beech offers a clean and simple design that works well in both traditional and modern interiors.



The ÄNGSJÖN comes in high gloss white, dark oak, and oak and has a more international style. With integrated handles and frugality with unnecessary details, elegance, and perfection are emphasized. 

HAGAÅN open cabinet

You can pair it with a HAGAÅN open cabinet. The BACKSJÖN washbasin is made of crushed marble, enabling sharp, clear edges with scratch-resistant surfaces. This gives a stylish and modern expression that goes well with ÄNGSJÖN.

FAXÄLVEN cabinets


With the TÄNNFORSEN series, you create a bathroom in a truly classic style in white or gray, which is enhanced by beautiful details such as beveled mirrors. An expression that breathes tradition and that never becomes out of date. 


The HAMNSKÄR washbasin mixer with the cold start function that prevents hot water spillage and saves energy enhances the style. When you lift the lever straight up, only cold water flows. The function means that you cannot move the lever all the way to the right. You get hot water by moving the lever to the left.  

ORRSJÖN washbasin

The ORRSJÖN washbasin fits the HAVBÄKK, ÄNGSJÖN, TÄNNFORSEN, and HEMNES commodes. The ceramic wash basin, with its soft shapes and durable surfaces, is made of the best materials and lasts for years of wear.  


The round mirror FAXÄLVEN gives the room depth and makes it feel bigger. Lighting around and on the mirror gives you optimal light for your needs. It is also available as a rectangular mirror cabinet in dimensions that match the dresser sizes and finish that matches the furniture in ÄNGSJÖN (oak, dark oak, and white). The lighting is dimmable with the wireless dimmer control/switch RODRET.  

Organize the Bathroom

An organized drawer makes it easier to find what you need while saving space and time.

VISSLAÅN and BOLLÖSUND boxes and bags

Furnish the drawers with VISSLAÅN with practical small compartments to sort things like hair accessories and jewelry. The dark transparent plastic creates a calm impression but still makes it easy to see what’s inside. It is designed to fit perfectly in the HAVBÄKK, ÄNGSJÖN, and TÄNNFORSEN dressers with drawers but can be easily combined with other styles or existing furniture in other parts of your home.

The BOLLÖSUND boxes and accessory bags are available in different sizes and are soft and easy to fold and store when not in use. The plastic side is easy to wipe off, making the soft organizer more stable.   

Bathroom Textiles

The FJÄLLSTARR bath towel is a jacquard woven towel in bohemian style with playful fringes that add a warm character to the bathroom. Different patterns on the front and back make the towel equally beautiful on both sides. The cotton towel is soft to the touch and very absorbent.  


The VÅGSJÖN bath towel is a medium-thick, soft terry towel in 100 percent cotton with high absorbency, which comes in more colors that are easy to match with other bath textiles and accessories.

IKEA VAGSJON towel New IKEA Bathroom Collections For A Fresh Start in 2024

The towels are available in several sizes giving you a complete set of coordinated towels for different uses.  


The HAVBÄCK, ÄNGSJÖN, and TÄNNFORSEN bathroom series are available online and in stores in January. For more IKEA news, you can click here.