IKEA UTSÅDD: A Pets Collection for A Joyful Home Life

In collaboration with veterinarians, pet product specialists, and a discerning panel of furry friends, IKEA has announced its latest new range: the UTSÅDD pet collection. Designed to simplify and brighten pet owners’ lives, this playful collection offers products that seamlessly integrate into any home while being durable and easy to clean.

For many people, cats and dogs are an important part of life at home. More and more families are choosing to welcome four-legged, furry members, and just like their human relatives, they have needs that must be met. IKEA wanted to develop a playful collection that considered the needs and wishes of cats, dogs, and their families while prioritizing safety. 

After two years of development and approval from a panel of cats and dogs, the UTSÅDD collection is ready to move into pet-loving homes worldwide to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners. The UTSÅDD collection will be available in stores and online starting March 21st.


‘At IKEA, we consider pets to be part of the family. Our goal has been to develop a range of products that our cats and dogs love and that their human parents can feel good about and really enjoy having as part of their home.’ – Julia Rosenberg, Product Design Developer at IKEA


Eat, sleep, play, and hide

The UTSÅDD collection consists of around twenty products. It has been developed around the four most common activities that cats and dogs do in the home—eating, sleeping, playing, and hiding—and is designed to make these activities fun and easy to manage for both pets and people.

IKEA_UTSADD_animal bed

A soft blanket and comfortable beds provide comfort and peace during rest while blending into the home. They are available in different materials and sizes, are water repellent, and are machine washable.  


A small tent in felt fabric and a house in rattan make it cozy for cats to hide in and are a stylish addition to any part of the home. UTSÅDD also contains an updated version of LURVIG that fits nicely into KALLAX. 


Colorful food bowls and placemats with non-slip protection that help keep clean during meals. The bowls are ceramic and therefore heavier and less likely to move and the pad helps keep them in place.


Toys in the shape of bones and an allen key invite hours of retrieving, chewing and searching for treats. The toys, which are made of natural rubber and fabric, are carefully designed to be durable and robust, but at the same time gentle on teeth and gums.


The pets’ safety has been the main focus throughout the development process: ‘We have made risk assessments based on research around pets in the home, evaluated our previous pet collections, and taken in statements from veterinarians and pet product experts. All products in the UTSÅDD range have been tested chemically, mechanically, and physically,‘ says Julia Rosenberg.

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