Modern Custom Interiors in a Victorian Home

In 2013, architect Andrew Tam and his mother, Mabel Law, were looking for a new place to call home when they came across a one-bedroom flat on the first floor of a Victorian terrace home. The home was small, so they underwent a full renovation to create a family home that was fit for modern life.

The renovation project took two years. In those years, they knocked down walls to create an open-plan layout, added space-maximizing elements, and added an extra level to almost double the size of the modest home.

No room in the house is wider than two and a half meters, so they had to be very clever with the design. For inspiration, they looked at Japanese design. Walls were turned into cupboards, underfloor heating was installed so they could remove radiators, and they opted for swing pocket doors.


Birch ply is the main material in the small maisonette home. The kitchen, window seats, furniture, and bedroom wardrobes are all made from this material. Every wooden element, with the exception of the staircase, is made by joiner Paul McCormack.


The cabinets look black, but actually, they are painted a dark green which comes out when the sun hits the cabinets.


The house doesn’t have an outdoor space, so for the accent color, the owners choose green to bring an element of nature into the home.


The room has floor tiles made from green and yellow pigmented concrete. In the kitchen, the tiles are slightly darker than in the living room.


At the back of the house sits the smallest bedroom. It has a custom-made bedframe with underneath storage and wardrobes form birch ply.


The added story is now home to the biggest bedroom. The room is wrapped with built-in wardrobes and engineered oak floorboards lie on the floor.

bedroom home office built in closets bookshelves window seat

Every inch of space is used for storage. Under the window are drawers that create a window seat.

bedroom built in closets bookshelves blue painted hallway nordroom

This unique maisonette home in London is now for sale at The Modern House.