Color & Art in a Notting Hill House by Maddux Creative

In Notting Hill, London stands this unique terraced house that has been redesigned by Maddux Creative into a stunning home filled with color, art, and curved shapes.

The London home was built in the mid-1840s and many of the original features have been preserved and restored, bringing loads of character to the home.

The floorplan is slightly unusual with multiple rooms connecting to each other. And curved bays in most rooms. This required a more creative way of designing with furniture in unusual shapes.


The Notting Hill house is filled with architectural features, one of them being the arched openings which have luckily been preserved. And while the arches and spacious rooms add a challenge to the design proces, they also provided plenty of inspiration for Jo and Scott of Maddux Creative.

The curved shapes, therefore, continue in the furnishings which are a mixture of contemporary design, rare antiques, and bespoke pieces.


Since London isn’t known for its abundance of sunshine, the clients wanted to add sunshine to the home by the use of vibrant colors. These colors have been added with colorful textiles and furniture pieces. To make the rooms as light as possible, the walls have been painted white throughout the home (with one room being the exception).


The clients’ large contemporary art collection adds more color to the house. The art collection features pieces by Harland Miller, Rachel Howard, Sebastian Helling. The sofa (seen above) is by Philippe Parent in silk velvet.


Beside a love for color, the clients also have a love for marble. And this can be seen in the kitchen and bathroom. The marble kitchen island is a true statement piece. The classic marble, ceiling ornaments and wooden floor work so well together.


The pendant light from McEwen Lighting Studio adds another dramatic touch to the kitchen.


Maddux Creative

Scott Maddux and Jo Le Gleud met on a dancefloor in the 90s, before founding Maddux Creative in 2011. With a shared love for travel, fashion, art, craft and music and complimenterray design styles they are a inspiring design studio.

Scott studied Archicture at the Thomass Jefferson designed University of Virginia. In his early years he worked with designers David Champion, Hubert Zandberg, and Ann Boyd. His love for bold colors, different materials and textures bring a warmth and unique look to Scott’s work.

Jo Le Gleud started her career in fashion as an embroiderer, working with a number of fashion houses and small designer makers. Jo’s talent is finding ánd creating perfect pieces that complete and enhance any Maddux Creative project.  


The dining room is the only room in the house where color was added by painting the walls. A stunning lacquer green wall finish truly pops combined with the white ceiling ornaments and white/gold dining table.

“Being predominantly client-led means our work does not vapidly follow trends, and that our projects do not have a repeated narrative. We go out of our way to avoid repeating design solutions, so that each project is fresh and individual.

We like to believe we are champions of craftsmanship. We encourage our clients to invest in “future heirlooms”: commissioning contemporary makers to make custom pieces that will stand the test of time, or scouring markets (in person and virtually) around the globe for antique pieces that have already done so.”


The refurbishement of the master suite is centered around the artwork. The custom leather bed from Jonathan Baring is combined with antique pieces, ceramic lamps, and a brass pendant light.


Connecting to the bedroom is a new fully bespoke dressing room with geometric panelling design.


The client’s love for marble continues in the bathroom with a bathroom vanity made of Arabescato marble and brass.


photography by Ricardo Labougle

Many thanks to Maddux Creative for sharing this project with The Nordroom. If you would like to share your project with The Nordroom, you can send an e-mail.