Pastel Colors in a Long Island Home Designed by Jersey Ice Cream Co

I was going through my blog archive and I was surprised to see that I’ve never posted a home by Jersey Ice Cream Co on The Nordroom even though they’re one of my favourite design companies. Jercey Ice Cream Co is the design company of husband and wife Tara Mangini and Percy Bright. They work a little bit diferent from most design companies, Tara & Percy actually move into the home they’re going to renovate/design and work on it untill it’s finished after which they move onto the next project.

This home in Long Island was a difficult project. You might think, looking at the pictures, that this was a home brimming with character but that’s all the brilliant work of Tara and Percy. While the home did have wood-beamed ceilings and ocean views, apart from that it was truly lacking character. Six months of hard work later we see a home that’s warm, characterful and with a clear historic vibe.

Ps: On the site of PressCookie you can find a little interview with me

Pastel tones in the large living room with a pink (Edlyn Chaise Sectional by Anthropologie) and blue sofa. A large stone fireplace divides the room in two and the layreed rugs & wood create a warm look.

It took a while before Tara and Percy found the right colors for the kitchen. The light is constantly changing throughout the day which made picking a color very difficult, some paint colors would like white in one corner but dark in another.

Eventually they decided on Porch Swing by Benjamin Moore for the kitchen cabinets and off-white for the wood panelling (no tiles, because it would look too modern). This kitchen with the dining table under the skywindows is definitely my favourite part of the house, it’s new but it looks like an old farmhouse kitchen.

photography by Emily Hirsch and Erick Steinberg of Heidi’s Bridge

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