A Tiny Off-Grid House in the English Countryside

In the hills of Northumberland lies a unique tiny house with a charming covered terrace and a shed that houses the main bedroom. The small home was designed by local architects Greatspace, and its simple but sophisticated design blends seamlessly with the beautiful natural surroundings.

The off-grid house, which can only be occupied ten months of the year, is a place to disconnect and reconnect. The design maximizes natural light, and the interior spaces are perfectly designed to maximize every available nook and cranny, ensuring a captivating and sustainable living experience.


The house used to be a telephone exchange, and the original structure was carefully renovated and extended. The living and dining area features pitched ceilings, large windows, and built-in furniture.


Designed to feel warm and welcoming, the interiors offer a range of materials and textures that create a tactile and immersive experience. The layout is carefully orchestrated to be effortless and elegant, with lighting that responds to the shifting weather patterns.

During summer, the doors and windows open up, extending the living space into the courtyard. In colder months, the internal spaces become cozy retreats.


The living area, kitchen, and bathroom are situated on one side of the terrace, while the bedroom is in a black shed on the other side. Throughout, strategically placed windows and glazed doors invite the outside in, bathing every room in a beautiful, ever-changing natural light.


Despite being a small home, the kitchen has plenty of storage space behind the French fray cabinets. A gray sliding door opens up to the bathroom.


The bathroom has white-painted brick walls, a mirrored wall, and even a bathtub.


Via the drop-down ladder in the kitchen you can reach the loft bedroom with two twin beds.


The house showcases a perfect example of indoor/outdoor living thanks to the covered courtyard.


The black stained cabin on the other side of the courtyard is home to a generous bedroom with a large corner window offering beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.


The house is listed for £230,000 at The Modern House