A Beautiful Boerum Hill Townhouse With Classic Touches

When Josh Lapidus and Tara Consi had outgrown their narrow Brooklyn home they started looking for a bigger property, which they found right around the corner. Initially they thought they had hit the jackpot with this three-story brick townhouse built in 1890, but quickly they realised that a small renovation would turn into a major one as the structural problems were vast.

About 50% of the structure had to be replaced but together with CWB Architects did they create their dream home. Many of the original details were recreated and woodwork from their former home were copied into the new townhouse.

A new top floor was added for the master suite, giving the family even more space. The interior is classic with colorful design pieces and beautiful built-in furniture and even though most of the interior is new it certainly has that classic original touch.

photography by Brad Dickson & Rachael Stollar