A Brooklyn Loft Apartment With Exposed Brick Walls

When you imagine the perfect loft apartment it has exposed brick walls right? For me there’s a sort of unwritten rule that a loft apartment should have at least one brick wall and so you can imagine my delight when I saw this loft apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The loft belongs to Timo Weiland & Jeff Petriello, together with interior design Gunnar Larson did they create this playful vintage loft. There’s a dramatic feel to the space thanks to the high ceilings, arched windows and crimson rug.

A collection of books, records and board games sits in an industrial-style bookcase to the left an and armless sofa to the right. The sofa pillows are multifunctional because they can also serve as floorpillows for extra seating space.

There’s a small bedroom upstairs, again with exposed brick wall and repurposed mail bags serve as space-saving laundry bags (but they can also be used for all your small belonging that you never quite know where to put and would otherwise clutter up your home). This loft is quickly becoming one of my favourite loft apartments I’ve ever seen.