A Creative and Colorful Family Apartment in Copenhagen

It’s time for color and creative solutions in today’s blogpost! Malene and Tobias are two musicians who live in an apartment in the Amager region in Copenhagen. The apartment of 60sq meter also has a shopfloor with a high ceiling of 30sq. meter which they use for teaching and playing music. When their children arrived they had to redesign their small home, they both wanted to keep the music room as it is so the solution of finding bedrooms for them and their children had to be found in the 60sq. meter living space.

The original kitchen became the bedroom for the 2 children with creative bunk beds that include storage space. The kitchen moved to one part of the living room while on the other side a large built-in closet was built that included a murphy bed for Malene and Tobias. During the day this is hidden from view so you still have a large living area.

To finish the renovation they decided to paint their new home in cheerful colors, the kitchen is now pink (Daydream’ from Flügger) and the living room is painted in two lovely blue shades (Blueshade 2 in-731 and Antwerpen time: 06 from Flügger). They ended up with a beautiful, creative space that shows that you don’t need a lot of space to create a stunning family home.