A Lovely Grey and Pink Scandinavian Apartment

It’s been a while since I last posted a modern Scandinavian home here on the blog. When I first started out it’s pretty much all I posted but now my personal style has changed a bit and so the content of my blog as well. But I still love the Scandi style very much and this apartment in Malmö is very lovely indeed.

The living room is a bright open space with white walls, grey and blue accent colors and minimalistic art on the walls. The home office connecting to the living room is painted in a lovely shade of pink with very simple desks made of IKEA trestle legs and a wooden top. In the bedroom the grey chalkpaint creates a serene atmosphere and included a nice ledge where you can put some decor. It’s nice to see a lovely modern Scandi apartment again.

Can’t get enough of Scandinavian home? you can take a look at the tag here.

photography by Fastighetsbyrån

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