The Eclectic French Country Home of Cordelia de Castellane

The home I’m going to show you today falls in the category you either love it or you hate it with passion. I’m not sure if there’s an in-between. Obviously I fall in the first categorie otherwise I wouldn’t show it on the blog.

This country home north of Paris belongs to artistic director of Dior Maison and Baby Dior Cordelia de Castellane. The eclectic decor in this home is effortlessly put together but according to Cordelia ‘every piece has a story’ from the family heirlooms (Cordelia comes from an aristocratic family) to the flea-market finds.

The country home is located on 5 acres and even before they bought the large country house – from which some parts date back to the 15th-century – they rented a cottage on the estate. Slowly they also started taking care of the garden because the original owners were often abroad untill eventually they bought the country manor.

A big renovation followed to transform the historic home to a family home for Cordelia and her 4 children. I absolutely love this mixtures of styles, colors, textures and patterns. The home just breathes history without it being stuffy. Instead it’s an eclectic beauty and you can feel it’s a much loved family home.