A Narrow Brooklyn Row House Transformed Into A Bright Family Home

I have shared the exterior of this Brooklyn row house in my Black Interior & Exterior post but I felt that it also deserved its own blog post because the inside is also very inspiring! An architect and jewelry designer already lived at this spot in Brooklyn but their home became too small when they had children.

They love their neighbourhood so instead of moving to a bigger house they decided to turn their 2-story house into the 4-story house you see now. The couple added a story on top which is now a bedroom suite and they also went down by adding a basement story which is now the new entry and also houses the laundry room and storage.

Another challenge in this Brooklyn row house is that the home is very small so every inch had to be metaciously planned out and creative thinking was a must. A buit-in bookshelf/dining area was made for the home and in the kitchen there’s a narrow breakfast nook in front of a horizontal window. In terms of color they kept in natural with lots of white and light grey tones (the complete opposite of the black exterior).

When your home has slightly strange dimensions you have to think creatively and I think this Brooklyn house is the perfect example of that.