A Painter’s Dream: A Light-Filled Loft Apartment in Montmartre

We all know Paris’ most famous area Montmartre as the home of artists, writers and bohemians during the Belle Époque. And even now you’ll find a lot of creative people living in Montmartre.

Including artist and actor Fredéric Amico who lives in a beautiful loft apartment that used to be the home of German painter Max Ernst. These former artist studio’s used recycled materials from the Exposition Universelle of 1889, so the home is a historic monument.

This means that all plans Fredéric had for the place had to be approved by the Ministery of Culture. Despite this, Fredéric managed to completely renovate the home within 5 months and the result is a beautiful black and white light-filled loft space.

I am so jealous of apartments like these, all the history and those amazing industrial windows are absolutely to die for!