A Small Luxurious Attic Apartment in Sweden

I haven’t been quiet about my wish to move to Sweden in the near future, unfortunately I’m not made of money and I am rather picky about the home I live in (I blame it on all my real estate stalking). This apartment in Sundyberg, Sweden is where I could picture myself very easily. It’s a small apartment of 53sq. meter made even smaller by the sloped ceilings but every inch has been put to good use with clever and extremely stylish Scandinavian design.

The main room has been divided into 2 rooms by a large industrial glass wall. This way the sitting area still gets natural light from the window but you can also create a cozy bedroom by closing the curtains they’ve added in front of the glass wall. There’s a seperate kitchen with sleek black cabinets, a round dining table and a desk created in the little nook by the window (lovely #WFH space). This home may be small in space but the luxurious material choices and stylish Scandi design make it a gorgeous dream home.

photography by Bronze Fastighetsförmedling