A Stylish Colorful Apartment in Madrid

A short home tou today, but one that’s absolutely popping with lots of color. The apartment in Madrid belongs to grpahic designer Silja Goetz and her family. Silja worker with design studio Casa Josephine to create a beautiful and colorful home in the 1950s building in the Barrio de las Letras area.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, before the renovation this was a dark room cut of from the rest of the apartment but by adding glass walls this room is now connected to the rest of the home, you can cook while talking to your guests but the room can also be closed of to create a closed of room.

The apartment has a warm look with a moss green and bordeaux red living room combined with a stunning wooden herringbone floor. The love for color continues in the private rooms with a purple bathroom and a blue bedroom. It’s a bold design but it works amazingly well.