A Pink Textured Houseboat in Amsterdam

Are you ready for color? And I mean really ready for color because this home is not for the faint hearted. I always have a thing for houseboats and this one is certainly unique. This houseboat lies on one of the canals in Amsterdam and belongs to Jeanne de Kroon. Jeanne is a bit of a nomad but after wandering the world – mainly for het brand Zazi Vintage – she has now decided to set up roots on a houseboat in Amsterdam.

Her love for textiles is very visible in her home as well and not in calm, neutral hues that you see a lot, but in bright popping colors. The main color is pink, not just in the textiles but she also painted the walls in the living area pink ánd she has a pink kitchen. The exposed beams give a nice architectural touch to this living space. Jeanne decorated her home filled with items she found on her travels and many of them were made by the inspirational women she met, every item carries a story.

The bedroom is decorated in a slighty calmer color palette but with a warm earthy colored canopy and green walls it is still a colorful feast (love the lamps by Elpelut). This is one of those homes that you either love or hate but I think it’s absolutely fabulous!