A Warm Historic Apartment in Stockholm

First of all I want to wish every reader of The Nordroom a very Happy Christmas. This year the holiday season will look different for all of us, some might not be able to spend their holiday with family or friends but despite that I still hope these days will be filled with happiness, warmth and love (and lots of good food of course). If you’re spending Christmas alone (like me) I hope you know that you’re in my thoughts and still manage to connect with loved ones on the internet (I know it’s not the same, but it’s something).

Even though it’s Christmas I still wanted to share a lovely home with you today, it’s not a Christmas home but it does feel warm and cozy. The apartment lies in a building in Stockholm that was built in the 1880s and it still has a historic feel to it.

FIrst thing you notice is the large amount of woodwork in the apartment by the window frames and the double doors. The deep window sills are perfect for a bit of people spotting from the comfort of your own home. The living room is especially cozy with the woodwork, William Morris wallpaper and many books. Though I’m sad the master bedroom and kitchen don’t have more warm colors it’s still a beautiful Scandi apartment.

styling by Copparstad & photos by Emilsson for Historiska Hem