Best of 2020: Studio Apartments

It’s that time of the year again to start looking back. 2020 has been a year that most people would like to forget for obvious reasons, but in these sad times it’s nice to surround yourself with beauty and that’s what I tried to do here on The Nordroom. We’ve spend more time at our homes that any other year so it makes sense that you want to make your home look beautiful. Here on The Nordroom I’ve tried to give you as much interior inspiration as I could, to inspire you for your own home (or your future dream home).

We’re starting small with the best studio apartments of 2020. From natural Scandinavian beauties to a tiny home and a New York studio with loads of DIY work. Enjoy! (ps: the links in the description lead to the full house tour)

Beautiful earthy color tones in a Scandinavian apartment (styling: Emma Fischer & photo: Anders Bergstedt)

A tiny house with 2 sleeping lofts, living small doesn’t look so bad right? (photo: Natalie Jeffcott)

A studio apartment on the top floor of an apartment building might not sound tempting but this Scandi beauty shows that it can be light and spacious (styling: Emma Fischer & photo: Annie Hyrefeldt)

Yes you can add color to a small space and this studio apartment shows that, plus I love the room divider (styling: Lindholm & photo: Johansson)

Serenty now! Sand colored walls and beautiful Scandi design in a lovely studio apartment (styling: GreyDeco & photo: Jonas Berg)

Well that’s a surprise! A calm grey living area is combined with a wonderful colorful bed nook with underneath storage (photo: Bjurfors)

Custom made wooden shelves and a bathtub next to the kitchen, it might sound strange but it defnitely works in this New York studio apartment (photo: Max Burkhalter)

Yes more color in a small but stylish Scandi studio apartment (photo: Bjurfors)

This is the pefect example of using all the space you have, and that means going up! A very creative studio with a super cozy bed nook (photo: HusmanHagberg)

A combination of raw concrete and warm wood in this studio apartment (photo: Nya Kvadrat)

Wonderful color touches and warm wooden details in a Califorina studio (photo: Jessica Isaac)