An Eclectic Narrow Blue House in London

Let’s go to London and take a look at this lovely 2 bedroom house on Brixton Hill. Seeing the home from the outside you can already guess what the main color inside is going to be: blue! But you won’t be feeling blue living here because the home has been wonderfuly redesigned by studio Angel O’Donnell.

The home is narrow but the available space has been used to perfection. You come in on the side of the building with a sitting room with bay window to the left and a kitchen with an adjoining courtyard to the right.

Seperating these two spaces in the hallway with a steel staircase. There are no doors on the ground floor to make the rooms feel more spacious but because the hall area is situated in the middle they’re still 2 defining spaces. Upstairs are 2 bedrooms, small in size, but with double height ceilings which make them feel larger. The smallest bedroom is a combined study/bedroom with a loft area for sleeping.

Interesting design detail are the tiles on the first floor which are made of recycled leather. This home is an example of clever design, to make the most of the available space. The home is now for sale at The Modern House.

photography by Angel/O’Donnell & The Modern House

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